The search for Memphis Grizzlies’ sixth man for the 2022-23 season

Being the first player off the bench is one of the most major roles in basketball. Past players in this position have included luminaries like a young James Harden or Manu Ginobili, who propelled them to successful, extended careers.

A young NBA player stats on the roster of the Memphis Grizzlies has the potential to be much more than just a sixth player. The offseason has been all about Ziaire Williams, and for good reason. In place of Dillon Brooks, the No. 10 overall pick from the previous season started 31 games. 


While not injured, he had a cumulative +123 in those games when he was on the court. For bettors, nba injury report are an essential aspect of their data and stats to consider when placing a wager. For example, if a top player within a specific team has suffered an injury, this could impact not just the overall performance of the player but also the team’s results.


Williams contributed significantly to the 56-win season and was a natural match with the starters. The second-year guard might benefit this team even more by serving as a reserve now that Dillon Brooks is back. Williams might still improve as a sixth man by playing more offensively while still getting time with the starters from the previous year. His main objective over the offseason was to create off the dribble, and in this role, he has the chance to do so. Additionally, with Ja Morant running the offense, he will continue to get those easy three-pointers.

Williams is unquestionably the best candidate on the current roster to serve as the Grizzlies’ sixth man this season.
Due to the lack of spacing, coach Taylor Jenkins has been hesitant to team Brandon Clarke alongside Steven Adams. Tyus Jones has been fantastic alongside Morant, but Memphis’ lack of size makes them vulnerable defensively when facing the starting backcourt of another club. Early in their careers, many league stars played this position. Another NBA future great will use this as just another stepping stone.