The best and worst-case scenarios for San Antonio Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs are exploring new ground. They have finally embraced a complete rebuild after competing for twenty years and trying to make the playoffs for the past four. They went young, traded their All-Star guard for draft selections, and are preparing for a season that will probably bring them more defeats than their supporters have witnessed in a long time.

However, as the many NBA franchises that have been in a constant state of rebuilding have demonstrated.

San Antonio would be on the proper route to returning to the top if the process got off to a good start, which is why this season is so crucial. Fortunately, the front office did a wonderful job of assembling a youthful, talented team that will be led by Gregg Popovich, one of the greatest managers in league history.

Spurs last season’s team record: 34-48

Spurs last season’s conference ranking: 10th

Spurs last season’s offensive and defensive ratings: Off: 113. Def. 113

Roster additions

Jeremy Sochan (draft), Malaki Branham (draft), Blake Wesley (draft), Isaiah Roby (waiver), Gorgui Dieng (free agency), Dominick Barlow (two-way), Jordan Hall (two-way).

Roster losses

Dejounte Murray (trade), Jock Landale (trade), Lonnie Walker IV (free agency).

San Antonio Spurs best case scenario this season?

In their first genuine rebuilding season, the Spurs’ only priorities are improving the young players on their roster and having the greatest lottery odds. In the best-case scenario, Keldon Johnson and Devin Vassell would continue to improve as scorers and playmakers despite significant losses, rookie Jeremy Sochan would appear to be a long-term fit at power forward, and at least one of the young guards would step up and join the team’s core moving forward. 

The Spurs would consider it a success if they ended the season with a bottom-three record and had a greater understanding of everyone’s potential. It would be ideal if they could do that while maintaining an engaging viewing experience.

San Antonio Spurs’ worst-case scenario this season?

Even if it sounds absurd, the worst-case scenario involves winning more than you anticipated. Even though the Spurs are one of the weakest teams in the league according to projections, they are not guaranteed to have the highest lottery odds for the 2023 NBA draft. The difference between having a 14 percent chance of signing Victor Wembanyama and seeing that probability virtually halved could be a few extra victories. Spurs supporters will be happy if those victories occur because the young players appear to be further along in their development than anticipated. It would be awful if they came instead because the coaching staff gave playing time to veterans who don’t appear to be a part of the future.


San Antonio Spurs most likely scenario this season?

San Antonio will experience a lot of defeats this year. After moving Dejounte Murray, the front management made sure of it by going young and not adding a veteran ball handler.

A bottom-three record appears to be a highly plausible outcome unless someone suddenly and dramatically explodes into stardom. The majority of the time, watching the games will be difficult for anyone who is not committed to the growth of the young players, but the fan base is aware of what is happening.

What are you most excited about going into the season?


It will be interesting to see what the young core is really capable of. If the preseason is any indicator, the Spurs’ starting lineup will include a 19-year-old, two 22-year-olds, and a 23-year-old. Along with Josh Primo, who has a year of experience but was younger than many players from the most recent draft, there will be two other 19-year-old rookies who will be coming off the bench.

Not just by Spurs standards, but also by general standards, this team has an astounding amount of youth and athleticism. There will be occasions when everything comes together and supporters have a glimpse of the future, and those contests will make up for what is expected to be an otherwise difficult season.

Predict your team’s win/loss record for the season: 20-62

The Spurs could have a few unexpected injuries, but assuming reasonable health, winning 20 games doesn’t seem improbable, so let’s go with 20-62.

Predict your team’s conference seeding: 15th

The Spurs currently appear to be the favorites to finish 15th, but the Rockets, Thunder, and even the Jazz may realistically finish last in the West.