Study Sports Analytics

Samford University offers three distinct sports analytics career preparation tracks: Sports Business Analytics Track (Marketing Focus) Sports Business Analytics Track (Finance Focus) Player and Team Performance Analytics Track

NBA Schedule Density

R shiny app to explore the schedule density for NBA teams accounting for multiple factors. Team-by-team or league-wide analysis made available.

The Capulator

Despite its ugly UI, this tool has team salary caps, player transactions and lots of useful front office stuff.

NBA Trade Checker

A fun tool to confirm your personal trade proposal is valid according to the NBA collective bargaining agreement. Powered by RealGM.

Basketball-Reference Free Agent Tracker

A sortable list of all free agents and their signings.

Salary Cap Sources

Count The Basket's categorized links to salary and player transaction sources. Page not updated since 2007, but still covers quality links.


The 1985-86 Boston Celtics or the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls who wins? Wilt Chamberlain going against Shaquille O'Neal. Who outscores who?

Massey Ratings

Power rankings with the strength of schedule for games played so far and for all season.

Player Tracking

Video tracking data with SportVU technology that tracks the movements of every player on the court and the basketball 25 times per second.

Trade Machine

Wanna make a deal? Trade Machine will let you know if your trade works based on the NBA's trade rules!

Stats Sources

Count The Basket's categorized links to stats sources. Page not updated since 2007, but still covers quality links.

APBRmetrics Forum

Official community of data geeks. Many of the forum members have joined NBA teams.

82 Games

Innovative, first of its kind NBA stats and analysis. Rarely gets updated but one of the oldest -and still alive- sources.

Popcorn Machine

A very helpful game flow tool.

Basketball-Reference Play Index

Search through player and team game logs spanning from 1986-87 to today for games that match your criteria.


Formerly known as StatsCube. Lets you run your own analysis along with SportVu video tracking data. Impact

You choose the team and player(s) and can compare with players on the same or another team. Similar to NBAwowy.

Basketball Transactions Archive

Search basketball transactions archive.

Player Salaries

Season-by-season team payrolls and player salaries.