5 Bold Predictions for NBA Restart

After months of dormancy in the NBA stats, this top basketball league is set to come back to action soon. Most of the teams are looking forward to regaining their strength and conditioning to bring out their best in the remaining games. For punters, the resumption of the NBA guarantees them plenty of betting opportunities at Betway88, as many sports leagues reach the end of their 2019/2020 campaign.

As far as the playoffs are concerned, things are a bit simpler in the eastern conference, though only nine teams will be back in action. Nonetheless, there are lots of exciting outcomes when it comes to NBA resumption.

Here’s a look at five bold predictions on the eastern conference when the NBA resumes in Orlando.

Milwaukee Bucks consistency in the seeding games

Currently, the Milwaukee Bucks are on their top form. The team is well rounded, with a solid offense and defense led by their reigning MVP Giannis Antetokoumpo. This year, the team has had a solid form, though their winning streak was stopped by the Miami Heat, and they ended up losing four out of their last five games.

During the NBA suspension, the team hasn’t been on their best form though they’ll try to make a comeback in this game. Milwaukee will also require a great comeback when the NBA resumes. However, Milwaukee is still the team to beat in the east.

The Brooklyn Nets will stick to the seventh seed.

Heading back to the restart of the NBA, Brooklyn Nets seem to be the unluckiest teams. They will be missing six players in their squad, making them look like the underdog for Betway88 members wagering on the game.  However, the advantage is that despite the six-player missing from the action, the team has players to rely on like Caris LeVert, Joe Harris, and Jarreth Allen. With this in mind, the Vaughn men have an excellent chance to hold on to the seventh position in the west.

Miami Heat likely to continue on the losing run

There was no much expectation for Miami Heat to be in the next championship at the beginning of the season. But the teamwork between the youngsters and the veterans allowed the team to punch above their weight.

The combination of Jimmy Butler and Adebayo paved the way for the rest of the rotation to get into the groove as well. But it hasn’t been smooth for the team either. In their last eighteen games, they have won only nine games from February till the NBA suspension in March.

In their next four matchups, there are doubts about whether the team will be sharp enough to win the games.

Philadelphia 76ers to make the second round of the NBA Playoffs

Philadelphia’s progress in the NBA has not been that smooth. According to experts, Philadelphia would be their shock first-round elimination. According to the Sixers, the biggest issue is Al Horford failing to make the forward position spot his own. The situation is likely to change when Ben Simmons transitions into a frontcourt player. His lockdown ability and size make him fit for that position.

Boston Celtics to reach the NBA Finals

The Boston Celtics are in the third position in the east. Of all the games they have lost this season, twelve of them are with a margin of five points. The Boston Celtic is most likely to play off their first-round rivals in the NBA playoff before facing Toronto Raptors in the East semifinals.  They currently hold the head to head advantage against the defending champions.