Most Iconic Moments In NBA History

There can be hundreds of memorable moments and it is very difficult to pick some. This can be subjective. As we all have favorites, there are chances that some of your favorite moments could not make the cut. However, we tried to include as many iconic moments in NBA history from different decades as possible. The NBA is one of the most decorated leagues played around the world. It surely has a rich history with unforgettable matches and the greatest moments in the sports industry. We will take a walk down the lane and relive those iconic moments.

Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Lebron James are some of the greatest athletes to walk the court. There is no doubt in NBA popularity, in fact, even after more than 75 years, it is full of enthusiasm and viewership.

Iconic NBA moments

Breaking the barriers

It was the pick of Chuck Cooper that broke the color barrier in the NBA. He was the 14th pick of the 1950 draft. Nat Clifton and Earl Lloyd were signed by the Knicks and the Capitals in the next two months as part of small steps toward racial integration. It was until the 1960s that the NBA reached full integration. Earlier on, the NBA used an unofficial quota system.

Wilt’s 100 pointer

This has to be one of the greatest moments in the NBA. Wilt dominated the court and broke the shackles of scoring 100 points. With his size and skill, he was unstoppable and the Knicks could not do much. Wilt outmatched everyone that day and took 63 shots. This record has stood for sixty years and can stand for more years easily.

Larry Bird magic

It’s one thing to score 47 points, record 14 rebounds, and assist 11 times, but to do so predominantly with your off-hand is exceptional. Even among Bird’s legendary moments, which included three NBA MVP awards, three NBA titles, two NBA Finals MVP awards, and 12 All-Star appearances, this triple-double stood out.

Magic junior heroics

Through the 1987 Finals, Magic Johnson, the greatest point guard in basketball history, drew a page out of Kareem Jabbar’s book. As the game entered the final 7 seconds, Magic Johnson received the inbounds pass, advanced toward the foul line, and then unleashed a textbook skyhook. Johnson’s shot went in, and the Lakers won.  After five nights, the Lakers have been crowned champions.

MJ Vs Wilkins

During the 1988 dunk contest, Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins faced off in a rare exhibition. From the free-throw line, MJ hit a one-handed jam as the final dunk of the contest. Jordan said he would probably have awarded the crown to Wilkins, whose dunks throughout the night were more impressive. The fact that it was on his home turf did not pan out for Wilkins, who finished in second place.

Jordan’s shot

Jordan already had the highest playoff scoring average in NBA history before the Bulls’ 1989 series with the Cavaliers. His series-winning jumper over Craig Ehlo was one of the most iconic shots of his career. Also, his celebration was equally memorable.

Unbelievable Miller

No matter how many times you replay the clip, you’ll be amazed by the maths and the odds. Nine seconds for eight points? The Pacers’ 107–105 win over the Knicks in May 1995 was a stunning playoff victory for Miller.

Announcement from LeBron James

No doubt there were many remarkable announcements. LeBron James changed the NBA, and superstar free agency, forever by saying, I’m moving to South Beach. With Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, they formed a team that won two championships in four finals. The Player Empowerment Era saw a wave of superstars follow James’ lead, switching teams via free agency and forced trades, forming new alliances, and forging new cultures.