The Absolute Best NBA Matchups Of All Time

We are almost halfway through the NBA season 2022-23. It has been a roller coaster till now, and there have been some great games. With the Celtics at the top of the Eastern Conference and the Suns leading the Western Conference, we are in for another historic season. However, today we will talk about some of the greatest games of all time the NBA has produced. These games had everything from drama to memorable moments. On top of that, the Hall of Famer players time and time again proved their worth in these games and gave their best performances. Some of the games had unbelievable comebacks and last-second buzzer-beaters. The following are some of the best games of all time, not ranked in any order.

Boston Celtics against Miami Heat 2012
It was game six of the Eastern Conference finals, Miami Heat was down 3-2 and was under pressure to break the shackles and beat the Celtics in the finals. This game was more special because of LeBron James, as it was his redemption story, and at that moment, he did not have a ring.

After a humiliating defeat for the Heat in game five, LeBron was upset. Even in the whole game, he played with zero expression while scoring points for his team. The game unfolded like any fairytale when LeBron was putting the ball through basket after basket. At the end of the game, James had scored 45 points, including 5 assists and 15 rebounds. The Miami Heat won game seven and went on to win the NBA Championship as well.

Los Angeles Lakers against Boston Celtics 2010
Game seven of the NBA Finals when the odds were against the Lakers because the Celtics never had lost game seven of the finals. It looked like the record was going to stay the same, and Kobe Bryant was struggling to find his form and only had a handful of shots.

After a disappointing first half, the Lakers found their rhythm, and with the help of Ron Artest and Pau Gasol, the Lakers were able to take a three-point lead. But they could not hold for much longer, and the Celtics tied the scores. However, Ron had other plans as he launched one of the most spectacular shots from the corner which gave them the lead once again. This time it proved to be enough as the Lakers won the NBA title for the sixteenth time, giving Kobe his fifth title win and his second MVP finals award.

Boston Celtics against Phoenix Suns 1976
Many NBA fans call it the greatest game ever played in NBA history. Yes, it was one of the craziest games that had everything you could imagine in a basketball game.

At the end of the fourth quarter, the game was tied. Paul Silas tried to call a timeout, but the team was already out. It should have been called a technical foul, but it was not. Hence, the game went into overtime, and at the end of it, the scores were tied with a few seconds left on the clock. At this moment, John Havlicek scored just before the buzzer.

Things were similar in the second overtime when the Celtics were leading. The Suns scored and took the lead by one point in the last moments. As the game was about to end, Havlicek once again put the ball through the basket, and the fans erupted and rushed onto the court. The game stopped, but there were still two seconds left. Celtics scored to level the points, and the Suns’ Gar Heard sank the jumper and took the game into the third overtime. This time, the Suns fell short, and the Celtics won the game by the barest margin.

San Antonio Spurs against Los Angeles Lakers 2004
It was game five of the semifinals of the Western Conference. The series was tied, and the Lakers were keen to avenge their elimination for the previous season by the hands of the Spurs. The Lakers were leading until they blew up their 16 points lead in the third quarter. Still, the Spurs were down by only two points in the closing moments of the game. Tim Duncan of the Spurs shot the ball and scored three points while putting his team in the lead. After multiple timeouts, the Lakers inbounds the ball at half-court and get their lead back.

Chicago Bulls against Utah Jazz 1998
It was a befitting farewell to the legend Michael Jordan from the Bulls. The Bulls entered game six of the NBA finals with a lead against Utah Jazz. The Jazz had an amazing season and tied for the best record in the NBA.

Although Scottie Pippen suffered a back injury, the Bulls had enough resources to win from any point. The Jazz was leading in the fourth quarter, but the Bulls tied the score with a minute remaining. In the meantime, Stockton scored a three-pointer giving the lead back to Utah. However, Jordan had a trick up his sleeve and stole the ball from Karl Malone, and with a few seconds remaining, he hit a miraculous shot and won another title.