Points Created

Points created is a metric, invented by Bob Bellotti, that evaluates overall player performance.

It comprises all current primary and secondary statistical categories: points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocked shots, missed shots (both field goals and free throws), turnovers, and personal fouls.

Points Created= PTS + AST*(2-VBP) + (REB + STL + BLK)*VBP -(FGMiss + FTMiss + TOV)*VBP – 0.5*VBP*PF
VBP: The value of ball possession is league’s average points per 100 possessions.

It measures overall performance rather than a single skill (such as shooting) or set of skills (such as shooting, rebounding, and shot-blocking). Therefore, the result is a clear composite of a team or player’s total performance.

Points Created is valuable in many ways. It is comprehensive, and can be used to evaluate players and teams on any level of basketball, in any league where statistics are kept. You can use it to study one game, many games, a season, and a career.