Points Created

Points created is a linear metric, invented by Bob Bellotti, that evaluates overall player performance.

It comprises all current primary and secondary statistical categories: points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocked shots, missed shots (both field goals and free throws), turnovers, and personal fouls.

Points Created Formula= PTS + AST*(2-VBP) + (REB + STL + BLK)*VBP -(FGMiss + FTMiss + TOV)*VBP – 0.5*VBP*PF

VBP: The value of ball possession is league’s average points per 100 possessions.

It measures overall performance rather than a single skill (such as shooting) or a set of skills (such as shooting, rebounding, and shot-blocking). Therefore, the result is a clear composite of a team or player’s total performance.

Points Created is valuable in many ways: It is comprehensive and can be used to easily evaluate players and teams. You can use it granularly as well to study one game, many games, a season, and a career.