Turnover Ratio

Turnover Ratio, aka turnover percentage, is the percentage of a team’s or player’s possessions that end in a turnover. Calculating the number of turnovers a player will make in 100 possessions makes itself ‘tempo-free’ (adjusted for team pace and minutes played) NBA stats that everyone wants to look at. But, the turnover ratio is also limited, as it is a true outcome of how a possession ended.

Turnover Ratio Formula=(Turnovers)*100)/ [(Field Goal Attempts)+(Free Throw Attempts*0.44)+(Assists)+(Turnovers)]
By only having box score stats, we don’t know how many shots a player was fouled on, so the “0.44” multiplier estimates the number of possessions a player is involved in fouls resulted in and-ones. Or, just through NBA play-by-play data you can get the exact number as well.