NBA Teams That Have Analytics Department


(1) Irregular and random checks on Linkedin and Twitter.
(2) Annual media guide checks and online front-office staff directory visits.
(3) News & PR Bulletins.
(4) Volunteers who have something to share.

(1) Professionals don’t necessarily update or give details about their jobs when they join or leave a franchise.
(2) They might be working under some department else than “basketball operations”.
(3) Teams might work with 3rd party consultants/companies which are not traceable unless mentioned in a PR bulletin.

Our list was first published in 2009 and it has inspired many journalists and academics. It was a lot easier to update a few people for a handful of teams back in that time. Since then, franchises have invested heavily in their analytics departments.
This is why keeping up with staff transactions has been tough lately for us.
Feel free to share your knowledge about the analytics people and help improve accuracy.

Professionals Working at the NBA and Franchises

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