NBA Teams That Have Analytics Department

Analytics at the NBA Headquarters
Evan Wasch (Senior VP of Basketball Strategy & Analytics),
Hao Meng (Director of Basketball Strategy),
Jason Cheung (Team Strategy & Analytics Manager),
Arup Sen (Game Integrity & Referee Analytics),
Samantha Garofalo (Data Scientist),
Patrick Harrel (Basketball Strategy Senior Analyst),
Maksim Horowitz (Basketball Strategy Senior Analyst)

Starting from 2016, NBA Analytics Hackathon has been organized to let young data talents build tools for NBA problems.

Professionals Working at the NBA Franchises
The list below includes NBA basketball analytics professionals who are assigned to various analytics jobs inside the franchises.

When using analytics, each team might put different emphasis on;

  • Player development & roster construction,
  • Game-planning (including in-game decision making),
  • Physical training including injury avoiding methods such as usage of sleep monitors and wearable data-collecting devices to track fatigue level.
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Last updated: August 16, 2018.
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