NBA Teams That Have Analytics Department

We regularly scan:
(1) Linkedin profiles
(2) Franchise staff directories & Official Twitter accounts
(3) Google News alerts.

Unfortunately, some of the professionals listed here don’t update their Linkedin profile when they join NBA teams or leave. And some of them turned out to be on the business side. Additionally, teams might work with independent consultants which is not traceable unless mentioned in a PR bulletin.
Under these circumstances, updating the list requires a significant amount of time, so help us update the list if you have information with an online reference. Appreciate your contribution!
List last updated: March 9, 2019.

NOTICE: Historical archives of the list can be accessed here:
* 2009 to 2017 June
* 2017 July – Current

The list includes NBA basketball analytics professionals who are assigned to various analytics jobs inside the headquarters and franchises. When using analytics, each team might put different emphasis on;

  • Player development & roster construction,
  • Game-planning (including in-game decision making),
  • Physical training including injury avoiding methods such as usage of sleep monitors and wearable data-collecting devices to track fatigue level.
History of Analytics Revolution in NBA

Professionals Working at the NBA and Its Franchises

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