NBA CourtOptix

NBA CourtOptix collects advanced metrics, shot charts, and all kinds of video tracking stats in the same platform. Since the fans are targeted, CourtOptix combines advanced player tracking data and game highlights to present a more detailed breakdown of the game. With launching the CourtOptix, the NBA has partnered with Microsoft, which uses its Azure platform plus the AI (Artificial Intelligence), and ML (Machine Learning) to monitor and analyze any event.

Here are some main things that you explore with CourtOptix:
Expected Shot Value
It helps us measure the shot in terms of how good of a shot opportunity was used. With defensive pressure and proximity, location of the shot attempt taken into account, players’ expected shot value on any potential shot attempt is calculated including how the shot compares to the league average under the same circumstances.

Double Teams
It is now possible to quantify how many times/how long the players get double-teamed, and what happens if help defense shows up? Pass, dribble, or shoot? That possession when a player double-teamed results in a basket, a turnover, a missed shot?

Passing Leaders
Different types of passes (outlet, pass ahead, ball reversal, draw-and-kick) with the distance of pass, trajectory, and of course the accuracy can now be measured. It goes beyond which players make the most passes or accumulate the most assists.

Top Sprints
Average player speed and distance traveled can be exciting to find out. Zion’s quick moves and sprints around the basket can be measured.

Shooting Efficiency by Shot Type
In the past shots have been qualified according to types (catch-and-shoots, pull-ups, step-backs, and fadeaways) and the distance (at the rim, in the paint, mid-range, corner 3s, above the break 3s, deep 3s). Now we can account for defensive proximity as well.