Dean Oliver

Dean Oliver is one the most recognized godfathers in the NBA analytics movement.

He’s once been a basketball player, coach, and scout. His longtime website, Journal of Basketball Studies, and subsequent 2003 book, Basketball on Paper, brought him recognition as a principal leader in the field.

His research into the importance of pace and possessions, how teamwork affects individual statistics, defensive statistics, and the importance of a player’s ability to create their own shot has been groundbreaking. His development of the Four Factors of Basketball Success (field-goal shooting, offensive rebounds, turnovers and getting to the free-throw line) also helps provide a useful framework for evaluation of players and teams.

– He is currently working for Washington Wizards as an assistant coach.
– Prior to joining Wizards, he wasTruMedia Networks Vice President of Data Science.
– Before heading to TruMedia, he worked at Sacramento Kings as head of analytics.
– Before the stint with the Kings, he had worked for ESPN, as the Director of Production Analytics. His job was to develop and to implement analytic methods across all sports.
– Before ESPN, he was serving in the front office of Denver Nuggets as the Director of Quantitative Analysis in 2006-2010.
– He previously served as a consultant for Seattle Supersonics for 6 years (2000-2006)