True Shooting Percentage (TS%)

True shooting percentage, aka TS%, is a metric that factors a player’s or a team’s performance at the free-throw line and considers the efficiency of all types of shots.

True Shooting Percentage (TS%) could be the clearest and easily measured metric that boils all three methods of scoring into one number.

True Shooting Percentage Formula=0.5*(Total Points)/[(Total Field Goal Attempts) + 0.44*(Total Free Throw Attempts)]

Note that just like in all other tempo-free (adjusted for team pace and minutes played) NBA stats, the “0.44” multiplier estimates all free throws which take up possessions. As you know, technical free throws and ‘and 1’s do not take up possessions.

If one player checks in the court and drills a 3P shot and doesn’t play for the rest of the game, then his TS% would reach a maximum, 150%.