All about the NBA Playoffs 2020 and a Look at the Best Playoff Runs in the NBA History

The playoff runs in the history of the NBA are known to draw enough attention from sports fanatics. People have their favorite players and teams that they would do anything to catch in action. The NBA is one of the most popular sports leagues and has been in action since 1946. Since then, the league has seen the rise and fall of several NBA players and teams.

It has taken the careers of basketball players to a whole different level and seen several successful seasons. The playoffs of the NBA, from its inaugural season to the latest one, have been quite a fairytale journey. And some of them have led to championships as well. Now that the league has kick-started again, after a lull of several months, we must brush up on our knowledge. It is time to see how the playoffs are faring. And while we are at it, we shall look back at some successful runs in the history of the NBA.

Breaking the Lull with the Playoffs this Year:

The NBA Board of Governors approved a 22-team competitive format that kick-started the 2019-20 season. It must be noted that this is only the third time that the league has adopted this format. The COVID-19 crisis has laid waste to industries across several verticals. Therefore, after some doldrums in the sporting sector as well, the NBA has finally kicked off. In this 22-team format, each team shall play a total of 8 games that would determine the playoffs. This had happened only twice before this, and fewer than 82 teams participated in the league. However, the basic format of the NBA remains unchanged.

There shall be a best-of-seven series in the first round. And the next ones to follow are the conference semi-finals, conference finals, and the NBA finals. Amidst all the apprehensions and concerns about the NBA starting again, one can still be sure of its popularity.

A Few Points of Concerns

As we just stated before, there has been a period of inactivity in the league for about four months. And this state of inactivity might just affect the status of the players. Here are a few points of concern that we would like to state at this juncture.

  • The inactive period might result in changes in the momentum and agility of the players.
  • The team’s chemistry might have undergone several changes.
  • The players might not be at their best game, and this could impact the teams’ performance in the Western Conference.

How Are the Teams Faring So Far in the Season?

Though there are several concerns regarding the performance of the teams, we have noted a few observations so far in the games this season. Paul successfully scored 15 out of his 28 points in the fourth quarter and headed to victory. This was a 104-100 victory over the Houston Rockets in game 6 in the first-round series of the Western Conference. Game 7 shall now decide who proceeds to play against the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Glorious Playoffs in the History of the NBA:

We have thus, divulged all that we know so far about this season of the NBA. And now, we shall have a look at the historical playoffs of the NBA that are still glorious.

The 1984 Phoenix Suns

This team entered the league as the sixth seed and had a record of 41-41. They even have a history of winning six consecutive games and eight in their last nine games. Walter Davis and Larry Nance used their mojo to pull off the winning upsets in the playoffs.

The 1981 Houston Rockets

The second team on our list is the Houston Rockets, and the playoff we are going to talk about is that of 1981. Mosses Malone led the Rockets and entered the playoffs as the sixth seed. However, they hold a losing record of 40-42. Though they continued performing exceedingly well through to the finals, they failed to beat the Celtics. However, their performance still remains one of the many playoffs to be cherished.

The 1999 New York Knicks

Another team that we need to mention in this section is the New York Knicks and their performance in the 1999 playoffs. They are the only team that made it to the finals as the eighth seed. However, this team too failed to grab the winning spot in the finals against the San Antonio Spurs. However, their determination and will is something worth mentioning and worth taking inspiration from.

Wrapping Up the Discussion:

We have shed light on all that we know so far concerning this season of the NBA. The start seems to be quite exciting. And as we proceed towards more rounds, the tension shall only become nail-biting. Therefore, now all that we can do is wait with bated breath and witness our favorite teams in action.