College Basketball: 5 Incoming Freshmen Who Could Be NBA Stars

Each year, colleges across the US recruit top freshmen basketball players, and these student-athletes have huge dreams of making it to the NBA. For the 2020-21 season, there is a huge pool of talent, and many incoming college players will be contenders to be drafted by NBA teams.

Student-athletes who are dedicated to their basketball career often make a huge sacrifice, and their college studies suffer.

Every year, scouts take a close look at the incoming freshman class to see who the rising stars are and usually focus on a college with the most NBA players in the past. Check out our information on how these 5 top athletes can improve their chances of making it pro and what resources are available to help with schoolwork so they can maintain grades along the way.

Why Athletes Dream of Playing in the NBA

The NBA is a professional basketball league that is home to the best players in the country. Many student-athletes entering college have a big dream of making it to the NBA and playing pro ball as a career. The dream of being an NBA star is quite popular among players who come from low-income families or who do not have a strong academic background.

Players strive to be drafted into the NBA to play the game they love while earning top salaries. Unfortunately, this dream is often just that, a dream. Based on statistics, more than ¾ of college basketball players believe they can go pro. However, only 1.2% of these players will ever be drafted by an NBA team. The list of 5 top players for this year that have great chances of going pro.

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How Student-Athletes Can Be Recruited into the NBA

Getting recruited into the NBA is a major challenge, and while many players dream of becoming pro-players, it will not happen for many. There are various things that recruiters will look for in a player, and it does not all revolve around athleticism! Here is a brief list of the things that recruiters will watch for as they look at new players and compare freshman basketball rankings.

  • Athleticism
  • Character
  • Ambidexterity
  • Versatility
  • Academic Standing

While athletic ability and being a versatile athlete will be key, players who are playing at a college level will have to maintain their academic status, especially if they are playing on a scholarship. This poses a challenge for many freshmen as they struggle to find a balance between schoolwork.

Luckily, there are some super options for students to have someone write a research paper or essay. This allows them to maintain grades so they can remain eligible for play and helps create that important balance.

Top 5 Incoming Students Who May Make it to NBA

Dreams of going pro may become a reality for some of the top college basketball teams. With the 2020-21 season starting in November, recruiters will have their eye on new talent and will be looking to draft some top players in the game. Here are a few incoming students to watch this year, all of which have a great chance of going pro.

  • Cade Cunningham, Oklahoma State – A 6’7” guard known for defense abilities
  • Evan Mobley, Southern California – 7’ of pure power, Mobley has finesse and is a dunking machine
  • B.J. Boston, Kentucky – At 6’6”, this scoring guard can shoot and finish plays
  • Jalen Suggs, Gonzaga – Highest-rated recruit ever signed to Gonzaga. This 6’5” point guard holds the 5th spot on the Top-100 ESPN list for 2020 players.
  • Caleb Love, North Carolina – Top freshman point guard in the US

Wrapping it Up

Playing in the NBA can become a reality for these 5 players entering college, though they will have to work to create the perfect balance to keep their grades up and not falter on the court.

The NBA scouts look at the skills and talents of a player and consider their academic career and leadership roles at a college. Keeping grades up by hiring a writer or pro writing service is one way for players to boost their chances of being recognized by NBA scouts and being drafted.