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Competitive Analytics Consulting

CAC offers statistical consulting services to professional and amateur athletic teams and athletes.

CAC’s software platform which is called “Vantage” tracking stats with an emphasis on "shot defense" that are not available anywhere else today. Find out more details at The City blog.


Established in 1995, Amisco is the inventor and world leader in tracking technology and performance analysis solutions for professional football (soccer).

With regional offices in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany and South Africa, the current Amisco network comprises of more than 80 clients from 20 different countries worldwide, resulting in over 3,500 matches being captured per season for analysis. As a result, Amisco possesses the richest international player and team performance database in the world.


Ayasdi, founded in 2008, offers a new approach to solving complex problems by using their big data platform, called "Insight Discovery" using topological data analysis.

The Ayasdi Platform helps sports teams build successful teams, manage player development, improve scouting by leveraging all data owned privately or publicly.

Catapult Sports

Established in 1976, Australian company Catapult has been in the in athlete analytics industry
It focuses on engineer wearable athlete tracking technology that provides objective data on athlete performance.

Catapult’s athlete analytics system is an all-encompassing performance monitoring tool that is being used by some of the biggest teams in the world. Originally developed in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Sport, Catapult has wide-ranging applications for multi-sport use.

The system has been used as an athlete tracking tool across more than 25 sports at the elite level, with applications in biomechanics, physiology, skill acquisition, and much more.

As well as the documented validation and use in professional sports from the NBA (San Antonio Spurs, New York Knicks, Houston Rockets Dallas Mavericks) to the English Premier League and Heineken Cup, Catapult has worked in a wide range of sports, and is scientifically validated for use at the highest level in the below sports.

Citizen Sports

Citizen Sports offers a number of web applications that allow for interaction between fans.

Jeffrey Ma co-founded the company in 2004 and is a tireless evangelist for the Citizen Sports mission. He has been the technology lead for two internet startups and was an options trader on the Chicago Board of Options Exchange. He gained notoriety as the protagonist, under the name Kevin Lewis, in the New York Times bestseller Bringing Down the House, the story of the MIT blackjack team. Jeff Ma is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a degree in mechanical engineering. He has reportedly been working for Portland Trail Blazers as a statistical consultant.


Deltatre uses several technologies and manual inputs from a large crew to deliver the real-time stats. Their visual-tracking technology called Matrics to provide extensive data set in real time that makes up the on-site heat maps, passes completed and distance covered.

Digital Scout

Digital Scout is a software that to create scorecards based on inputted game-based statistics. This software can be adapted for all major sports that utilize some form of statistical record-keeping. Digital Scout can also allow users to print score results or create custom reports on particular attributes, such as baseball hit charts.

Elias Sports Bureau

Founded in 1913, Elias Sports Bureau has provided historical research and statistical services in the field of professional sports.

The Elias Sports Bureau is the Official Statistician for Major League Baseball, the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League, Major League Soccer, and the Women's National Basketball Association.

Elias is the primary source of statistics for ESPN, as well as national newspapers and magazines, websites, and dozens of broadcasters of MLB, NBA and NHL telecasts.

Genius Sports

Genius Sports, a London based company, operates in sports data industry. They provide data-driven solutions to sports, media and regulated betting markets.

Genius works with working with sport, FIBA, NBA, the English Premier League, La Liga, ATP and WTA. They use the power of big data to safeguard the integrity of sporting events to prevent match-fixing and sports corruption.


The Krossover Sports Intelligence platform is the only solution which not only tracks and indexes every event of a sports game, but also provides an online interface for searching, sharing and collaborating on video and statistical feeds.

Krossover tracks every meaningful event in a basketball game, and attaches it to the particular possession. This means you can now search your film for exactly what you want, and find those possessions instantly. Additionally, you can analyze the numbers behind every player's performance. Finally, Krossover provides an auto-generated shot chart for every shot taken during a game. Each shot is linked to the video footage of that possession, thus allowing never before seen control over post game breakdown.

Las Vegas Sports Consultants (LVSC)

Las Vegas Sports Consultants (LVSC), is the world's largest oddsmaking company.

Since 1982, LVSC has provided odds and pointspreads to all major Las Vegas and international sports books. The LVSC consensus line remains the most valued commodity for sports gaming all over the world.

Organizations such as Las Vegas Sports Consultants Inc (LVSC) regularly analyze both betting lines and player performance, looking for any unusual activity in order to detect frauds.

Match Analysis

Match Analysis is a San Francisco based soccer analytics company.

Detailed match data collected in real time and synchronized with video. The results are packaged into polished, mind-blowing products for the clients including majority of MLS, Mexican Soccer League clubs and some of Bundesliga teams.

Mocap Analytics

In order to process all of the tracking data collected by SportVU, MOCAP Analytics, a Silicon Valley technology startup, developed an analytics platform to interpret the data, and provide relevant, actionable information to the team staff.

Using MOCAP’s platform, there's an opportunity to share creative content that will give fans both the real story of what happened on the court


Opta, founded in 1996, supplies data, statistics and information from over 30 different sports in around 70 countries. Opta already has a wide range of clients from media to betting, from professional clubs to governing bodies and are working on many projects where data analysis is a crucial part of their product offering.

Opta operates eight offices across Europe in the UK, Italy, Germany and Spain. Opta dto customers in the following market sectors: * Betting and Gaming
* Professional Clubs and Governing Bodies
* Internet and Mobile Web Publishers
* Newspapers and the Print Media
* Sponsors and Brands

Performa Sports

Performa Sports Ltd is a UK based company who offers a mobile application which is designed for coaches and players to analyse and improve their performance.

The application enhances the quality of analysis while reducing the time and costs involved in producing performance analysis results.


Established in the UK in 1998, Prozone has focused on performance analysis service in soccer.

Information is presented using a range of video clips, in-depth data, full-pitch animation and multi-layered graphics giving coaching staff a unique insight into performance and an interactive platform to present those findings to players.

Effective post-match analysis provides the platform for objective insight into performance that enables coaches to supplement their own intuition with scientific information. Post-match analysis can be used to identify strengths and weaknesses in both player and team performance and allows creating and adapting effective training programs and manage specific areas in need of improvement.

Second Spectrum

Second Spectrum, founded in 2013 by Rajiv Maheswaran, Yu-Han Chang, and Jeff Su, is an analytics company that help players, coaches, broadcasters, analysts and fans visualize and contextualize information. They can collect, curate, evaluate, manage, transform, analyze, learn, visualize, interact and integrate with video and design to create new and compelling content, stories and software.

By leveraging machine learning and "spatiotemporal pattern recognition" techniques, Second Spectrum can extract meaningful insights. Identify and augment information on video, including player location, movement, and other dynamic statistical/visual features.


Sportradar has exclusive partnerships with National Football League, National Hockey League, and Nascar. With NBA owners—Michael Jordan, Mark Cuban and Ted Leonsis invested in the company, distribution of NBA data might be next.

Sportradar provides information and data on 48 different sports to companies such as Google, Turner Media, and Yahoo Sports, the dominant player in the fantasy sports industry with nearly 20 percent market share. Switzerland-headquartered Sportradar began by offering data and fraud detection services to sports teams and leagues in Europe before switching its focus to real-time sports data and statistics.

Sports Aptitude

Sports Aptitude is a company that has revolutionized the way athletes and teams are being evaluated, coached and managed, by not only measuring the areas of an athlete’s personality that influence performance (intangibles), but also by measuring the interaction between those players, known as "Team Chemistry".

By understanding the scientific interaction between players' personalities, Team Chemistry becomes a measurable aspect of the game. Sports Aptitude’s Team Chemistry Report captures this data and provides Coaches and/or Front Office Management with the ability to comprehend and improve their team’s chemistry, which in turn, will improve the team’s performance long term via our state-of-the-art means of analyzing the personality and behavior dynamics within a team.

Sports Aptitude, who has 30+ years of clinical psychology experience, does an extensive research with player and team to create the "Critical Core Dynamics" (CCD). The CCDs are the aspects of an athlete's personality that influence their performance. In total, there are 10 CCD's categories in which athletes are given ratings. Each of the ten categories is comprised of several measurable components of one's personality and when measured together they form one of the CCD's categories. It is these CCD's ratings that are the foundation for all of our Player and Team Chemistry Reports.


SportVis is a visualization tool that allows users to view a plethora of data over a selected period of time.

This graphical description may indicate trends or uncover potential problems such as injuries. It is an injury management tool that monitors the healing process of ankle and elbow sprains.

The innovative company behind SportVis brings new concepts and approaches and specializes in the areas of soft tissues adapted and orthopaedic medical devices.


StatDNA is a US-based company that serves soccer teams advanced statistics and an easy-to-use video platform.


STATS LLC is the world's leading sports information, content and statistical analysis company. Founded in 1981, STATS has more than 25 years of experience in sophisticated sports data collection, processing and distribution.

In 2008 December, STATS has acquired SportVU, which is an automated ID and tracking technology that collects positioning data of the ball and participants (players and referees) within the playing field in real time.


Founded in 1999, Cambridge, Massachusets based StratBridge, designs and develops a wide range of sophisticated business analysis solutions to provide decision-makers with both new, unique perspectives on critical issues, as well as valuable insights.

StratBridge provides instant analytics solutions that enable business people and professional sports managers to perform exhaustive diligence research at the touch of a button. StratBridge visually renders it in high-resolution plasma displays, Internet browsers or Microsoft Office applications. A variety of customers, including professional sports franchises, institutional and individual investors, consultants and business leaders, are now using StratBridge solutions to quickly understand complex data patterns.

Synergy Sports Technology

Synergy Sports Technology is a company which owns and operates a real-time video-indexing statistical engine. Synergy's products and services are used by professional sports teams, broadcasters and fortune 500 businesses around the world.

Most NBA teams use Synergy’s professional content delivery network to enjoy instant video streaming playback via queried statistical displays. The online service is run by Garrick Barr, who worked for the Phoenix Suns for 11 years and logs every possession of every game, going beyond the boxscore to tell you what kind of action produced the play's result. Was it a fast break, a pick-and-roll, a post-up or a spot-up? From what area of the floor did the action start? And did the player drive left, drive right or pull up for a jumper?

Here's a sample output that can be provided by using Synergy.
Kobe Bryant's offense comes from:
28% isolation situations,
22% post-ups,
11% as the pick-and-roll ball-handler,
and the rest in an amalgam of transition, cuts, spot-ups, etc.
His breakdown of jump shots is even more eerily balanced: Exactly a third of his shots come from 0-17 feet, another third from 17 feet out to the there-point line and the other third from beyond the arc. When he's isolated, it's almost as equally divided between on the left side, the right and the top of the key. He shows a slight preference for driving right (57% of the time to 43% left) while regardless of direction he prefers to, in order, pull up for the jumper, get to the rim and, more rarely and less effectively, shoot a runner.

Available tools with Synergy Sports include a fully integrated video editing system that combines downloaded and locally captured video. Clients have options for tagging to automate custom edits, video transfers to any device that has internet connection.

Synergy, which employs more than 100 loggers, will have every regular season game completely broken down within 30 minutes of the final buzzer. So, after a coach is done talking to his team and addressing the media, he'll be able to sit down at the computer with his assistants and figure out what went right or wrong that night. He can download the video and still beat his players to the team bus.

Synergy also is developing tools that will closely resemble the opponent scouting reports that teams provide to their players. And by the time the playoffs roll around, teams will have a tool that allows them to quickly create player-edits, videos of each individual opponent that players can watch on their computer. Such a task normally takes several days of non-stop work on the part of a team's video coordinator.

Interestingly, while Synergy seems tailor-made for a coach, its biggest benefit until recently was helping teams prepare for the Draft. That's because it has countless college and international games logged as well. As teams put together their Draft board and debate the value of specific prospects, they can call up video of a player to help them make their decisions. And because each play is logged, there's no searching through hours of tape to find the right play.

In the end, the best way to gain knowledge about players and teams is to combine every tool available. NBA teams can run a query through StatsCube. And then they can check out the video on Synergy Sports.

Comments: Synergy Sports Technology's investor is Mavs owner, Mark Cuban.

Tracab, a Stockholm based analytics company which is founded in 2003, has developed the "TRACAB Image Tracking System".

The company offers true 3D tracking in real-time and their products are being used in Spanish La Liga, Russian Premier League, Swedish Premier League and other top-level European and international competitions. It has been used in over 3,000 matches on five continents.

TruMedia Network

TruMedia provides sports analytics tools for assessing the teams and players.

TruMedia's sports analytics solutions for baseball, football and soccer, helps professional teams as well as sports media conduct granular analysis with providing integrated play-by-play video which can be customized.

Visual Sports - Basketball

Visual Sports Basketball is a simulation tool that helps the players improve shooting skills.

Visual Sports are live action simulators where a human participant is monitored from a computer system and their actions dictate how the simulation will progress. Also known as indoor live action simulators, these devices typically have a small footprint, a small area for the human participant to stand, a display screen in front of the individual and cameras trained on the participant. Visual Sports provide immediate and realistic responses to participant actions, and make available the participants’ data in reports for detailed analysis.


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