Catapult Sports

Catapult Sports, established in 1976, is an Australian company which has been in the athlete analytics industry. It focuses on engineer wearable athlete tracking technology that provides objective data on athlete performance.

Catapult’s athlete analytics system is an all-encompassing performance monitoring tool that is being used by some of the biggest teams in the world. Originally developed in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Sport, Catapult has wide-ranging applications for multi-sport use.

The system has been used as an athlete tracking tool across more than 25 sports at the elite level, with applications in biomechanics, physiology, skill acquisition, and much more.

As well as the documented validation and use in professional sports from the NBA (San Antonio Spurs, New York Knicks, Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks) to the English Premier League and Heineken Cup, Catapult has worked in a wide range of sports and is scientifically validated for use at the highest level in the below sports.