HUDL – Krossover

Krossover offers a solution to the pair­ing of video and data. This hassle has forced video coordinators, coach­es to handle stats by hand, and spent hours break­ing down the videos of the game in an effort to extract a few insights. Krossover was the only product that not only tracked and indexes every event of a sports game, but also provided an online interface for searching, sharing, and collaborating on video and statistical feeds.

In May 2019, Krossover joined HUDL.

Krossover tracks every meaningful event in a basketball game, and attaches it to the particular possession. This means you can now search your film for exactly what you want, and find those possessions instantly. Additionally, you can analyze the numbers behind every player’s performance. Finally, Krossover provides an auto-generated shot chart for every shot taken during a game. Each shot is linked to the video footage of that possession, thus allowing never before seen control over post-game breakdown.