The NBA Prepares to Welcome the All-Star Game on Sunday

It was a dramatic night on Thursday when the Boston Celtics met the LA Clippers, ahead of the All-Star game. Both teams had come to play following mild personal losses and both teams knew that they would have to do better this time. Their NBA basketball scores were impressive and so evenly matched that it was a bit of challenge to call the winner successfully.

Some people went with the LA Clippers, not only because they loved the team, but also because they saw how the Celtics crumbled before Houston Rockets and James Harden. Given the overall accomplishment of the Clippers, with most of their players being outstanding players on their own and as part of a team, analysts first thought that the Clippers could field Kawhi who would, in turn, dismantle Boston.
Well, the bookies were somewhat more accurate and they had the right advice for punters. To bet on NBA games isn’t always easy, and bookies aren’t always right. But in this case, they accurately called that Celtics would win over the Clippers. Sure, the NBA scores so far backed them, too, but predicting a convincing victory with 141-133 was definitely impressive.

Meanwhile, all NBA stats aside, Thunder faced off with the Pelicans and sealed an impressive 123-118 game. Both games were the last ones before the mid-season break reuniting all players in two superstar teams. On Sunday, February 16, we will witness one of the best sports showdowns in the season when team Giannis will face off with team LeBron, named after the two NBA MPVs and team captains.

An All-Star Festival Packed with Action
The All-Star is not just about the final game. From Friday through Sunday, there will be multiple opportunities for you to place a bet on or simply tune in to enjoy the show! The NBA Rising Star Game is kicking off tonight, promising to offer the quality basketball we have all come to see.

Not only that, but you can see which the future NBA professionals could be and also get a read on the athletes ahead of March Madness, one of the busiest and most exciting events that exist to date!
Apart from that, all eyes will be on the 69th NBA All-Star Game kicking off on Sunday to throw down for some excellent plays. And with teams packed with the NBA’s BEST PLAYERS, you can rest assured that this would be a spectacle to behold.
Indeed, there have been a few cases when too much ego has got into the way, but all in the spirit of sportsmanship, players usually put such minor flare-ups aside. Besides, there are a lot of meaningful, basketball outlets for all that pent-up pride. The hosts have thought of various cool games, such as the Skills Challenge, Three-Point Contest and Slam Dunk Contest.

Every so often, you will see Kevin Hart come in for the Three-Point challenge or just generally rib NBA players from the sideline. Then again, there is Drake who might give one of the coaches a quick shoulder rub, and you might be thinking – that is unlikely, but just ask any NBA fan – they know it has happened.

With this said, the NBA All-Star Game is a truly phenomenal way to call it a short break for the season and to have some time to unwind. Players can also look past old rivalries and come together, talk to each other and find mutual respect.
In a way, you could argue that American sports, and the NBA in particular, is all about sportsmanship – and it shows.