Four Stats to know as Dallas Mavericks won 115-101 against the Utah Jazz

The Dallas Mavericks defeated the Utah Jazz in a 115-101 showdown. The Mavericks were able to overcome a poor shooting first half to finish their preseason games with a victory. Javale McGee had a somewhat eventful game as he registered multiple jump balls, an audacious drive attempt that ended in a charge, and eight points on 4-of-5 shooting. The Mavericks headed into the game with high hopes, and they did mark down plenty of good things along their way to victory.

Luka Doncic and Christian Wood earned 14 free throw attempts
The Maverick’s two best offensive players have both been suspect free-throw shooters. And as they head into the new season, these two improving their performance will be handy for the Mavericks.
Luka Doncic and Christian Wood made 10 of these 14 attempts on Friday night. The two have enough natural touch that a high 70s free throw percentage should be the lowest acceptable number this season.


Jaden Hardy only registered 5:25 minutes of play
Because the Mavericks treated this game as a dress rehearsal, the usage in this game is the most telling going into the regular season. Hardy still has tons of long-term potential, but he simply will not be a big part of the rotation to begin the season.


Mavericks made 17 three-point shots
The Mavericks struggled mightily in the first half shooting 6-of-24 from three. But they made 11-of-23 in the second half.
The volatility of three-point shooting will be frustrating for fans at times as some nights they simply won’t go down. But this was a good example of why the team cannot stray from the gameplan even on nights where they are struggling.


Luka Doncic bagged 24 points
Doncic sucks up as much of the coverage of the Mavericks as he does time of possession with the ball. But both are well deserved. He is the sun around which the solar system of Dallas Mavericks basketball orbits. When Doncic is at his best, everything else will be ok. Doncic is at his best right now and that bodes very well for the Mavericks.