Extended Road Trips And Homestands Affect Team Performance

You can track current season’s road-trip and home-return records.
Based upon our expert sports analysis, we predict the Brooklyn Nets schedule to be pretty darn gruesome. Eleven games out of the first 16 away, 18 of the final 26 games to be played not in Brooklyn, and the first 10 games against some of the toughest contenders in the league. Ouch.

This season will be most likely the most competitive one in the last 10 years when the changes in power rankings considered. NBA experts forecast that extended road trips and homestands will affect NBA power rankings and individual team performances, but is this really true? Perhaps the NBA power rankings system is biased, however, we choose to find some benefit to an otherwise negative schedule for the Brooklyn Nets.

Some Positives In the League’s Longest Road Stretch Schedule

4­in­5 Games Though the Brooklyn Nets have a tough schedule this season, on the bright side, they have only one 4­in­5 games which fall March 28 through April 1. The Nets will play Orlando, Cleveland, Miami and New York during which games they will rest in their own beds. Only eight of the nation’s teams can say that they have none.

Back-­to-­Back Games The Brooklyn Nets have only 15 back-­to-­back games. This is five less than they had less season. Though none of these back­-to-­backs are home­-and-­home, there are only two other teams in the nation that have fewer than the Nets.

Homey Middle Between the road-heavy start and finish of the season the Nets can look forward to a softer, homier middle season. Where 26 of the 40 games between November 29. During this time the longest road trip will is three games, which is followed by a comfortable six-game homestand.

Stability The Brooklyn Nets can feel confident in their stable and experienced roster with four of their five starters returning, the presence of two first-round picks and the return of their head coach.

Critics, say what you will about Brooklyn’s road schedule and how it may negatively affect their performance; but there is much good to be found in this schedule and how it could positively affect their game.