Everything You Need to Know About Betting on NBA

Betting on sports is as exciting and promising as any other activity that concerns gambling. There might be risks associated with sports betting, but the returns on the same, when you have luck and awareness on your side, are amazing. Betting on NBA games can provide you with lucrative results if you get the fundamentals right. It might seem a little bit tricky at the beginning with all the jargon and technical terms. But, as you read through them all and practice your betting skills, you shall be able to ace the domain. To ease your efforts, we have compiled a few jargon and a few things that you must know before you move on to place your bets on NBA games. There are different types of wagers that the NBA has to offer, and you must know of them all before choosing the one you feel can help you win a fair hand. Therefore, without any further ado, let us have a look at these wagers and all the terms that you need to know about NBA games.

NBA Ball


The very first term that we shall begin our discussion with is a Moneyline. Simply put, a Moneyline sets forth all the probabilities about who has better chances of winning, taking into consideration a number of factors. Calculating the odds using Moneyline holds pivotal importance when you have teams at a subsequently lower level competing against the ones held at a higher position. It might not be an easy job to predict what the results would look like without a proper understanding of a Moneyline.


People who bet on sports usually make use of spreads to have clarity on how the teams are faring and how many points they have been scoring. Based on these scores, bookmakers predict the chances of the teams winning wagers. It is important to understand that every team in the NBA has almost 24 seconds to score, and that is why it is quite easy to score high in these games. A 15+ point spread is not a rarity in these games and understanding the dynamics of these spreads or lines can make the process of placing bets on NBA games rather easy.

A Total Wager:

This is another type of wager that is quite common in an NBA game. According to this, a wager is placed on the total (as the name suggests) score of the teams that are participating. This number is calculated by the bookmakers, and the bettors have to place a wager over or under the calculated number. In some cases, the scores can even go up to and over 220, as NBA games are quite famous in the United States, and such high scores are not uncommon. There are also several online gambling sites in Texas and other parts of America that can explain such betting odds and provide you with the options of sports betting. All you have to do is look them up and sign up for the one that looks authentic.

Halftime Lines:

Most people change channels and browse through different channels when a game reaches its halftime. But for people who bet on sports, this time is extremely crucial. Sports analysts analyze the games and all that transpired in the first half. They also drop some critical bits of information and predictions about the second half during halftime, so that people know what to look forward to. This is not to say that the analysis materializes exactly what had been predicted. But this can give enthusiastic bettors valuable insight into the game and help them make better betting decisions.

NBA Outdoor Court

Quarter or First Half Lines:

Here is something you need to know about how the total time of NBA games is broken down. An NBA game usually runs for 48 minutes and the total time is broken into 12-minute quarters. Bettors have the option of placing their bets on the first quarter and the first half lines even before the contest kicks in. How the game shall turn out in the remaining quarter can be understood by following the course of the game close in the first quarter, and that is why it serves to be of immense importance.


The NBA games are much-watched and celebrated in the United States and, therefore, they make for amazing sporting events to place bets. It definitely seems challenging at the beginning, but once you understand the dynamics of betting on NBA games, you shall understand how amazing the returns are. Therefore, the next time you have an NBA game to bet on, keep these points at the back of your mind to reap the best results.