Player Tracking Plus Minus (PT-PM)

Player Tracking Plus Minus (PT-PM) is Andrew Johnson’s player evaluation metric based on a combination of:

PT-PM is split into offense (OPT-PM) and defense (DPT-PM) in terms of estimates of a player’s impact on the floor.

Offensive PT-PM=-4.123 + .594*(Points) + -.559*(FGA) + (Passing Efficiency)*21.809 + -.587*(TOV per 100 touches) + 4.241*(Contested Rebound Pct) + .043*(Minutes per Game) -.247*FTA + .138*(Rebs)*(3P Rate)


Passing Efficiency: points created per pass attempts

TOV per 100 touches (TOVtouch100): the number of turnovers committed per 100 touches.

Contested Rebound Pct: % of rebounds a player gets that are up for grabs with the opposing team

Defensive PT-PM=1.605 -5.627*(Opponent FG%Rim) + .953*(Steal100) + .145*(OppFGARim) -0.159*PF100


OpponentFG%Rim: % a players opponent shot at the basket when they were in position to contest the shot.

OppFGARim: the number of times per 100 possessions the player was in position to contest a shot at the rim.