Player Impact Estimate (PIE)

Player Impact Estimate aka PIE, is a metric to gauge a player’s all-around contribution to the game. Almost all statistical categories in the box score are involved in the PIE formula. PIE answers what % of the events in a game each player contributed.

PIE Formula=(PTS + FGM + FTM – FGA – FTA + Deff.REB + Off.REB/2 + AST + STL + BLK/2 – PF – TO) / (Game.PTS + Game.FGM + Game.FTM – Game.FGA – Game.FTA + Game.Deff.REB + Game.Off.REB/2 + Game.AST + Game.STL + Game.BLK/2 – Game.PF – Game.TO)

PIE is created by the NBA and often being compared to PER. Unlike PER, PIE calculation is much simpler and it tries to incorporate defensive stats.