5 NBA Players Who Have a Passion for Gambling

For many players of the NBA, casino games have offered the same thrill as a basketball game. These players have been known to frequent popular casinos and play various kinds of casino games including table games, poker, and slots. If you have a favorite NBA player who is a casino enthusiast, you can try out luck on their favorite games at online casino sites.

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Why do athletes often love to gamble?

While it is often observed that for players of basketball gambling is a common form of entertainment, you might be wondering why it is so. Many athletes prefer to gamble because of the tense, yet fun atmosphere that casinos can often create. Another reason why players and athletes often love to gamble is that they have the money to spend on big bets. Players who are good at gambling strategies are often seen to place huge stakes and win jackpots. But casino games are games of chance. Therefore, many players have often lost a fortune at casinos.

Gambling at Online Casinos

Gambling has evolved over the past few years and online casinos are becoming more and more popular. They are often preferred by people, as it is not always possible to visit an actual land-based casino. There are many low minimum deposit casinos and as the name suggests, the deposit amount is less than what it would be at land-based casinos. These casinos offer all kinds of games and you will definitely be able to find the casino game your favorite NBA player prefers at a low cost!

Many new online casinos which require low deposits have been launched in 2021 with many games that have been designed with the latest gaming technology. These low deposit casinos have come up all around the UK and other parts of the world. These online casinos are secured sites where you can play paid and free versions of many casino games.

Popular NBA Players Who Play Casino Including Online Casino Games

Several famous NBA players are known to be fans of casino games and you might have even heard about their gambling sessions. Listed below are 5 of the most popular NBA players who love gambling.

1.   Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is a legend in basketball and has won six NBA championships and Finals MVP awards. But this great player is also a poker enthusiast. Jordan also loves playing craps and roulette. During the 1992 Olympics, it is believed that Jordan spent nights playing poker with some of his teammates, but lost a minimum of $1 million at a crisps game!

2.   J R Smith

J R Smith is known to love playing various kinds of casino games and is apparently so good at them that he often does not use the bonuses or bonus free spins that are awarded to players on many slot machine games! Smith used to carry a briefcase of money to local casinos to place his bet with. A briefcase-carrying $15,000 was once stolen while Smith was on his way to a casino.

3.   Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley is one of the best players on the NBA circuit and he is passionate about gambling and placing bets at high stakes games. However, Barkley’s casino gaming did get him into trouble in 2006. He admitted to the public that he had lost more than $10 million at a Vegas casino. Barkley also faced a lawsuit when he was unable to pay his debts of about $400,000. But he still continues to visit casinos and enjoy a table game or slots.

4.   Antoine Walker

Antoine Walker is said to have learned gambling from his friend and fellow NBA player Michael Jordan. But in the case of Antoine Walker gambling proved to be difficult and the cause of many problems. His gambling addiction and debts from numerous poker games at many different casinos resulted in the demise of his career. In 2009, it was speculated that Walker owed money to at least 10 casinos in Las Vegas and that the total amount had exceeded $1 million.

5.   Isaiah Thomas

Isaiah Thomas is one of the greats of the NBA and he is also a gambler who enjoys table games. Thomas enjoys the thrill of especially a game of craps. During his career, reports say that Thomas was once investigated by the FBI. The reason behind this investigation was that the authorities believe Thomas was organizing an illegal craps game. However, no evidence was found.

Like the NBA players, if you too enjoy casino games, you should look for games that need a low deposit amount. These games are fun and will often result in big wins. All you have to do is register, pay the deposit and then start playing! If you want to try some table games that your favorite basketball players play, you can even go for some free games at online casinos.