2023-2024 NBA Schedule Rest Days Analysis

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RANKTEAMSTOTAL GAMES5-IN-7Total Count of 5IN7 Games5th game in 7 days situation3IN4-B2BTotal Count of 3IN4-B2B Games3rd game in 4 days (also played yesterday) situation. Pattern: ./././X/O/X/XSOFT-B2BTotal Count of Soft-B2B GamesFollowing some rest, second leg of back-to-back situation. Pattern: ./././X/XALL B2BTotal Count of ALL B2B GamesAll back to back games. Formula=(3IN4-B2B) + (Soft-B2B)TOTAL B2B
ON THE ROADTotal Count of B2B Games on RoadAll back to back games to be played on the road. Formula=(3IN4-B2B On the Road) + (Soft-B2B On the Road)
AT HOMETotal Count of B2B Games at HomeAll back to back games to be played at home. Formula=(3IN4-B2B At Home) + (Soft-B2B At Home)
3IN4Total Count of 3IN4 Games3rd game in 4 nights (but did not played yesterday) situation. Pattern: ./././X/X/O/X1 DAY RESTTotal Count of 1-Day Rest GamesGames played with one day rest situation. Pattern: ./././O/X2 DAYS RESTTotal Count of 2-Days Rest GamesGames played with two days rest situation. Pattern: ./././O/O/X3+ DAYS RESTTotal Counf of 3+ Days Rest GamesGames played with at least three days rest situation. Pattern: ./././O/O/O/XFRESHTotal Count of Relatively Fresh GamesWhen the team is rested (fresh) yet the opponent is not rested (tired)TIREDTotal Count of Relatively Tired GamesWhen the team is not rested (tired) yet the opponent is rested (fresh)EVENTotal Count of Relatively Even GamesWhen both teams are rested (fresh) OR, both teams are not rested (tired)
Atlanta Hawks8009615411113713481161
Boston Celtics803831477113913316856
Brooklyn Nets8018514771040115141155
Charlotte Hornets801951578113712591061
Chicago Bulls8011031486123811512959
Cleveland Cavaliers802851596113810691061
Dallas Mavericks80184138584312481161
Denver Nuggets802471376104111510862
Detroit Pistons801104151059381447964
Golden State Warriors80186158715341155867
Houston Rockets80176148611401055966
Indiana Pacers80292135810421147865
Los Angeles Clippers803841587143610512959
Los Angeles Lakers800871587103812571261
Memphis Grizzlies801851459841134101159
Miami Heat801931394104211491160
Milwaukee Bucks8017614410103914391160
Minnesota Timberwolves80175136794310513958
New Orleans Pelicans8019313941141105101060
New York Knicks80110213851043958963
Oklahoma City Thunder802751468133810591061
Orlando Magic8009615105123710671360
Philadelphia 76ers8001041486943958963
Phoenix Suns800951468103913491061
Portland Trail Blazers802102145911409613760
Sacramento Kings8011131578939125141254
San Antonio Spurs80076137610439511960
Toronto Raptors8021111495114186111059
Utah Jazz803911394124010510763
Washington Wizards80094135894311410961