2018-2019 NBA Advanced Team Stats

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RANKTEAMCONFDIVISIONGPPTS/GMPoints Per GameAverage points per gameaPTS/GMPoints Allowed Per GameAverage points allowed per gamePTS DIFFPoints Differential{(Total Points Scored) - (Total Points Allowed)}/ (Games Played)PACEPaceEstimate of Possessions Per 48 MinutesOEFFOffensive EfficiencyPoints scored per 100 possessions.DEFFDefensive EfficiencyPoints allowed per 100 possessions.EDIFFEfficiency Differential{(Total Offensive Efficiency) - (Total Defensive Efficiency)}/ (Games Played)SOSStrength of the ScheduleOpponent efficiency differential average for all games played so far (venue of the games also taken into account) is used as an indicator of strength of the schedule. The higher the SoS rating, the tougher the schedule; where zero is average.rSOSRemaining Strength of the ScheduleOpponent efficiency differential average for the remaining games (venue of the games also taken into account) is used as an indicator of strength of the schedule. The higher the rSOS rating, the tougher the remaining schedule; where zero is average.SARSchedule Adjusted RatingAn evaluation of teams based on efficiency differential and strength of scheduleCONSConsistency RatingConsistency based on game-by-game efficiency differential variation. The higher the team has a consistency rating, the more unpredictable it is.A4FAdjusted Four FactorsCalculated by applying weights to the differentials of offensive and defensive four factors. A4F explains the specified proportion of variability in wins.WWinsThe most important goal in sports, unless your team is not tankingLLossesTotal count of games lostWIN%eWIN%Correlated Gaussian Expected Winning PercentageIndicates the ideal winning percentage based on offensive and defensive performance.pWIN%Projected Winning PercentageEach point differential translates to 2.7 wins over the course of the season.ACHAchievement Level In Terms of Wins. The metric is based on differential between actual and expected winning percentage. Positive figures indicate overachievement while negative figures indicate the team should have won more games.STRKCurrent StreakWinning or losing streak for the season.
BrooklynEastAtlantic5111.4122.4-11104.2106.9117.5-10.6-0.136140.2000.202-0.002L 4
BostonEastAtlantic9102.1103.6-1.599.9102.2103.7-1.50.034540.5560.4590.097L 4
DenverWestNorthwest14109.1107.31.892.6114.5112.520.002770.5000.553-0.053L 2
DetroitEastCentral498121.8-23.8101.296.8120.3-23.5-0.277040.0000.049-0.049L 4
Golden StateWestPacific22114.1110.83.398.2115.2111.83.40.0461480.6360.5830.053L 1
HoustonWestSouthwest11108.5105.43.197110.9107.63.30.068650.5450.593-0.048L 2
IndianaEastCentral491.899.3-7.595.296.3104.2-7.9-0.139040.0000.306-0.306L 4
LA ClippersWestPacific6114.7124.5-9.8102.9111.5121-9.5-0.098240.3330.2540.079L 1
MilwaukeeEastCentral15112.81048.8100.1111.2102.58.70.0941050.6670.768-0.101L 4
Oklahoma CityWestNorthwest5105.2111-5.899.9105.3111.1-5.8-0.018140.2000.305-0.105L 2
OrlandoEastSoutheast592106.4-14.495.796.1111.2-15.1-0.115140.2000.1730.027L 4
PhiladelphiaEastAtlantic12108.7105.7398.8110106.93.10.092750.5830.587-0.004L 1
PortlandWestNorthwest16109.7111.1-1.496.1110.6112-1.4-0.014880.5000.4590.041L 4
San AntonioWestSouthwest7103.3105.1-1.891.8112.5114.5-2-0.028340.4290.451-0.022L 1
TorontoEastAtlantic24106.6101.15.596110104.45.6-0.0071680.6670.6670W 1
UtahWestNorthwest597.8107-9.298.599.3108.7-9.4-0.095140.2000.282-0.082L 1
Stats last updated June 14, 2019
9:04 am.

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