2018-2019 NBA Referee Stats

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NBA referee assignments posted on NBA.com at 9:00 AM ET each game day.
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GAMES OFFICIATEDHOME TEAM WIN%HOME TEAM POINTS DIFFERENTIALTOTAL POINTS PER GAMECALLED FOULS PER GAMEFOUL% AGAINST ROAD TEAMSFOUL% AGAINST HOME TEAMSFOUL DIFFERENTIALFoul Differential Per GameSeason average of {Called Fouls Against Road Team} - {Called Fouls Against Home Team}. When foul differential is in positive figure, that referee (a.k.a. homey) favors home teams and is more prone to call against road teams.
Mike CallahanMAIN2830.66713.333230.66742.33350.39449.6070.3
Ken MauerMAIN3020-4.5231.549.550.50549.4950.5
Josh TivenCREW920-4.5231.549.550.50549.4950.5
Scott FosterMAIN2420.55.5210.552.551.42948.5711.5
Jason PhillipsCREW2320.55.5210.552.551.42948.5711.5
James CapersMAIN23219.5188.540.549.38350.617-0.5
Marc DavisCREW202130.5202.540.546.91453.086-2.5
Leon WoodCREW2321262104750500
Eric LewisCREW1420.592124050500
Tony BrothersMAIN242121.5198.534.553.62346.3772.5
Zach ZarbaCREW152112.5209.543.559.7740.238.5
Kevin ScottCREW8211522939.550.63349.3670.5
Brent BarnakyCREW910-92135152.94147.0593
Courtney KirklandMAIN1911172254450500
Mark LindsayCREW1111172254450500
Ed MalloyCREW1611172254450500
Ben TaylorCREW710-32053850500
Tom WashingtonCREW2710-51973548.57151.429-1
Curtis BlairCREW101152034360.46539.5359
Kevin CutlerCREW911352073756.75743.2435
Brian ForteCREW1211101584050500
Pat FraherCREW2311352073756.75743.2435
Rodney MottMAIN231152034360.46539.5359
Michael SmithMAIN2511322124050500
Scott WallCREW2311101584050500
Nick BuchertCREW910-42666451.56348.4382
Dedric TaylorCREW511222684751.06448.9361
Derrick CollinsCREW191192194148.7851.22-1
Kane FitzgeraldCREW91192194148.7851.22-1
John GobleCREW1111291934143.90256.098-5
Scott WallMAIN2311291934143.90256.098-5
Tony BrownCREW1611202164459.09140.9098
Rodney MottCREW2311212194250500
Tom WashingtonMAIN2711202164459.09140.9098
Sean WrightCREW131181903250500
Stats last updated 14 hours ago.