What Referee Improved to 10-0?

UPDATE: His streak ended after Houston beat Miami on 24th Nov, 2008.

UPDATE: He improved to 10-0 after New Orleans beat Oklahoma City on 22nd Nov, 2008.

UPDATE: He improved to 9-0 after Indiana beat Atlanta on 18th Nov, 2008.

As you know at Nbastuffer.com it’s fun to be able to follow every part of game. Referee stats are arguably the funniest.  You should remember, I wrote a blog post that Eddie Rush went 9-1 in 2008 Playoffs. He officiated 10 games and, in 9 of this 10 games home teams won.

Mike Callahan

With the regular season has just started 3 weeks ago; I want you to keep a closed eye on a referee: He’s Mike Callahan.

Toronto beat Miami today and he improved to a 8-0 record. No road teams have yet to win a game which has been officated by him. 

By the way, road teams’ winning percentage is 0.432 in the 2008-2009 regular season.