The Trail Blazers Love to Play Back-to-Back Games

You can always follow current season’s NBA rest days stats including back-to-back game stats at NBAstuffer.

After the win over OKC, Portland improved to 14-3 W-L (.823) in second game of back to back sets. This is by far better than any team in the NBA.

They have played with a plus 4.3 efficiency differential, which is already adjusted to opponent strenght and game location.

What’s more, the Blazers also lead the NBA in “4th game in 5 nights”, having won 3 of 3 (with +9 efficiency differential) so far. In back-to-back situation of “3rd game in 4 days” (3IN4-B2B) they trail San Antonio and Cleveland according to winning percentage.

In the recap McMillan says: “It was a gut check for our guys, we have been talking about winning back-to-back games.” It appears that stats are backing McMillan. Portland Trail Blazers is a good regular season team, and hopefully will be better in Playoffs where there are no back-to-back games!