Strengths and Weaknesses of NBA Teams

I have decided to make a S.W. analysis for NBA teams. Wondering what S.W. is? It is half of a S.W.O.T. analysis. In this article I will only mention, position by position, S (Strengths) and W (Weakness) of NBA teams. I don’t think any of you did not notice why the Suns allow opposing power forwards and centers have a career night in every game. Or from the reverse angle, what can be the reason Portland shutting down opponent’s center? Maybe because they love to play zone defense? Coaches must seriously consider this article and take care of his team’s weakness as soon as possible. Mr. D’Antoni are you hearing me?

Let’s have a look at Achilles Heels first.

I have researched the top 10 teams according to positions which they can’t defend most.

1 Memphis Seattle Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix
2 Golden State Houston Orlando LA Clippers Sacramento
3 Dallas Memphis Seattle Atlanta Golden State
4 Denver Orlando Charlotte Memphis Charlotte
5 Indiana New Jersey LA Lakers Indiana Seattle
6 Cleveland Toronto Golden State Golden State Memphis
7 Phoenix Minnesota New York Washington Cleveland
8 New York Indiana Memphis Denver Minnesota
9 Milwaukee Cleveland Utah Orlando Dallas
10 Minnesota New Orleans Washington Houston LA Clippers

And this table is for the positions teams can really take care of business and shut down opposing players

1 Boston Detroit Boston New Jersey Portland
2 Houston San Antonio Houston Philadelphia LA Lakers
3 Toronto Golden State Sacramento Portland San Antonio
4 Utah Dallas New Jersey Sacramento Boston
5 New Orleans Atlanta Cleveland San Antonio Chicago
6 San Antonio LA Lakers Dallas LA Lakers Philadelphia
7 LA Clippers Utah Milwaukee New Orleans Detroit
8 Philadelphia Charlotte Indiana Toronto New York
9 Atlanta LA Clippers Portland Charlotte Washington
10 LA Lakers Phoenix New Orleans Utah Miami

Conclusion: Rajon Rondo is good defender!