Strenghts and Weaknesses of NBA Teams v.2008-2009

Last year I wrote an article about position-by-position strenghts and weaknesses of NBA Teams.

By popular demand, the study will be one of the regularly updated sections at!

From weakest to strongest, here is the position-by-position stats* of the NBA teams that treated opponents either as rolling out a "welcome mat" or as "defending the castle".

Can you guess why the Pistons are the worst in PG guarding? It A.I.n’t that difficult!

1 New Jersey New York Chicago Denver Detroit
2 LA Clippers Chicago Golden State San Antonio New Jersey
3 Atlanta Indiana Washington Toronto LA Clippers
4 Miami Denver Oklahoma City New Orleans Utah
5 New York New Jersey New York New Jersey New York
6 Toronto Memphis Miami Atlanta Washington
7 Chicago Minnesota Atlanta Golden State Minnesota
8 Milwaukee Sacramento LA Clippers Phoenix LA Lakers
9 Washington Miami Orlando Portland Houston
10 Utah Milwaukee Dallas Utah Orlando
11 Golden State Golden State Houston Indiana Memphis
12 Minnesota LA Clippers Utah Orlando Toronto
13 Oklahoma City New Orleans Memphis Memphis Sacramento
14 Indiana Utah Milwaukee Dallas Indiana
15 Memphis Oklahoma City San Antonio Oklahoma City Oklahoma City
16 Cleveland Houston Portland Minnesota Atlanta
17 San Antonio Philadelphia Sacramento Philadelphia Golden State
18 Sacramento Washington New Jersey Washington San Antonio
19 Dallas Dallas New Orleans New York Dallas
20 Charlotte San Antonio Phoenix Sacramento Philadelphia
21 LA Lakers Charlotte Minnesota Cleveland Phoenix
22 Denver Detroit Cleveland Charlotte Milwaukee
23 Detroit Toronto Detroit Miami Cleveland
24 Orlando Atlanta Philadelphia Milwaukee New Orleans
25 Portland Portland Toronto Houston Chicago
26 Phoenix Orlando Boston Detroit Charlotte
27 Boston LA Lakers LA Lakers Boston Portland
28 New Orleans Boston Charlotte LA Clippers Miami
29 Houston Phoenix Denver Chicago Denver
30 Philadelphia Cleveland Indiana LA Lakers Boston

*  Stats based on starting lineup player matchups data.