9 Reasons to Start Watching NBA Basketball

All of the biggest and most widely played sports in the world also have the biggest leagues. While football has the NFL, soccer has the English Premier League and basketball has the National Basketball Association. The NBA has also consistently been a part of the top five biggest sports leagues to watch in the world.

There are several reasons to join the parade and enjoy the beautiful game throughout the league. While most of them might be related to sports in general, some can only exclusively be found in the NBA. In this article, we will discuss some of the reasons why one should start watching the NBA. In no particular order, here are 9 reasons to start watching basketball.

1) The NBA Has Some of the Biggest Superstars in World Sports
The NBA hosts all of the best players in basketball from across the globe. The game has gone international and has consistently been able to attract the best talent from everywhere. And, being the biggest basketball league in the world, the NBA never fails to disappoint in terms of the quality of players on deck.

Some of the biggest household names are Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Stephen Curry, and Shaquille O’Neal. The names of these players ring out globally because, during their primes, they were and still are some of the best athletes around.

2) The Games Are Exciting, Fast-Paced, & Thrilling
Basketball has always been a fast-paced game. The games are structured in such a way that both teams can use a variety of players for different strategic approaches over four quarters of a game. As mentioned, the NBA is also home to some of the biggest basketball superstars. This increases the quality of the games and the value of production for online viewers.

3) Opportunities in NBA Journalism & Writing
The NBA offers so much action on and off the court that it almost never falls short of unique storytelling opportunities. Across the world, news agencies and other marketing and PR firms have dedicated departments to cover the league. Invariably, this opens up several avenues for jobs that cover various aspects of the league and sport.

4) The Crazy Transfer Market Drama & Sagas
The NBA trade or transfer market is structured in such a way that teams can face certain repercussions during bad or late deals. This has made the player and team market more organized while also providing ample opportunities for reshuffling. Additionally, there is a lot more drama when big players make controversial decisions regarding where they wish to play.

Some of the biggest transfers in NBA history are –

  • Kevin Garnett to Boston Celtics
  • Lebron James from Cleveland Cavaliers to Miami Heat & LA Lakers
  • Shaquille O’Neal to LA Lakers & Miami Heat
  • Kobe Bryant to LA Lakers

5) It is One of the Best Organized Sports Leagues in the World
In America, the NBA is one of the most-watched sports leagues in the country. But it is also increasingly being watched across the world with more enthusiasm and interest. Because of its massive popularity and large investments of money, the NBA has been able to organize and structure its league in a much better way.

Today, the league hosts thirty teams who each play a minimum of eight two games between October and April each year. Currently, the NBA has twenty-nine teams from the United States and one team from Canada.

6) One Can Make a Career Out of It
We know by now that the NBA is a massive sport with some of the best players and biggest audiences. And, because of the depths of interest from people, the league has consistently been able to draw in a lot of investment and money. And this in turn has created a huge market of jobs for all those interested in the game.

Some of the most popular careers associated with the NBA are in journalism, event management, public relations, marketing, advertising, and more.

7) The NBA is a Source of Encouragement, Inspiration, & Motivation
Americans have always been big on seeking sources of motivation and inspiration from an early age. Even today, playing in the NBA is easily one of the most potent and widely existing dreams found in most American teens and adults. Names like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and a lot more have driven generations of American youth to pursue their dreams.

“The Mamba Mentality” is one of the most popular ‘ways of life’ invented by the legendary Kobe Bryant. All in all, the NBA encourages and inspires people with the adrenaline rush, a vast line-up of superstars, and several other unique sports experiences.

8) You Always Have Something to Discuss
Because the NBA is most exclusive to America, its people have never failed to find a source of happiness and prosperity in it. And one of the biggest reasons for most people to watch sports is in being able to discuss various aspects of it. This is also why there are several talk shows in various languages that continuously cover all the actions in the league.

But the overall popularity and levels of discussion go right down to the roots of communities and societies. The NBA transfer market, big games, off-the-field antics, best-performing players, and a lot more offer great topics for discussion.

9) One of the Biggest Global Leagues & Sport
Today, NBA enthusiasts aren’t only abundant in America but also across the world. The league also receives several fans and a lot of support from many big names in other world sports. And this only increases the overall interest and discussions further.

The NBA also has several official branches and franchises across the world. The role of the company is to usually promote the league and sport right from the grassroots level in different regions of the world. One can also see the major impact of the league and sport across several digital communities.

The Bottom Line
The crux of the matter is that the whole thing is just too much fun! The sport, adrenaline, arguments, and opinions have filled a lot of spaces with a lot more joy. The NBA is special to many people in the world, and the number of fans is only increasing. Those interested in learning more about the sport can start by watching games, learning the rules, reading articles, and following their favorite players and teams on social media.