NBA Title Odds for 2021-2022 Season

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With the NBA season right around the corner, it’s time to dive into some title projections for the NBA 2021/22. First, let’s look at the most recent odds and review the top 10 contender chances team-by-team.

1) Brooklyn Nets: +230
The Brooklyn Nets (+240) entered the season as the strongest favorites to win the NBA title. But this was before Kyrie Irwing’s strange situation. Kyrie’s absence will hurt the team in terms of chemistry too. As the Nets’ top management has decided Kyrie will not participate in any activity (neither in practice nor games) with the team, he doesn’t comply with New York COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Make no mistake, Kyrie Irwing impacts directly on the team’s championship chances. He must be traded if the issue goes on. James Harden and Kevin Durant will work harder both not to get injured and to make the Nets a contender without Irwing. How much of a chance would they stand against Bucks at full strength?

2) Los Angeles Lakers: +400
On the other side, another favorite, the Lakers +400 wants to give Lebron James an additional ring. It sure is hard to ignore that injuries always play a huge factor in the NBA. For example, Anthony Davis’ injury in the team’s first-round loss to the Suns was too much to handle. As a bonus, Westbrook is expected to contribute to the team performance, not for his personal stats.

3) Milwaukee Bucks: +800
Giannis Antetokounmpo, former 2x times league MVP, seems to be still hungry for another ring. He recovered from a knee injury and earned the Bucks a championship.

4) Golden State Warriors: +1000
The team is expecting to have a healthy Klay Thompson so he can play along with Stephen Curry and Draymond Green. Curry, playing his 13th season, has been the best shooter as he produced 32.0 points per game. He even got votes in MVP voting. Klay’s return to the team will be the best thing ever happened to franchise in San Francisco, that should definitely boost the Warriors’ chances.

5) Phoenix Suns: +1400
After falling at the finals last season, the Suns will be hungrier this year. They have a balanced roster and a strong bench.

6) Utah Jazz: +1400
The best regular-season team lost in the Western Conference semifinals to the Los Angeles Clippers in six. It sure was unexpected to get eliminated by a team that is playing without its best player.
This season Mike Conley is going to be much needed. Quin Snyder should adapt the team more of a playoff team as they lack some positional versatility in the playoffs.

7) Philadelphia 76ers: +1600
They depend on Ben Simmons’s situation. The coach, Doc Rivers has let him go a few days ago when the team was practicing.

8) Los Angeles Clippers: +1600
The same situation applies to Clippers, they depend on Kawhi Leonard for winning the Western Conference Finals.

9) Denver Nuggets: +2000
The Nuggets played without Jamal Murray in the last playoffs
But Nikola Jokic runs offense very well and can play a point guard. His influence will be felt this season.

10) Miami Heat: +2500
They have added Kyle Lowry to give the Heat a higher chance. But the Heat roster lacks some depth. They should be adding key players next to Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo.

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