The NBA Fantasy Rankings for 2022

Making dreams come true, fantasy sports allow you to become a part of professional sports with a few clicks. NBA Fantasy is one of the most popular and most played fantasy leagues worldwide. It was popularized in the 1990s after the expansion of the internet. The concept of fantasy sports is very straightforward and the NBA fantasy league is even simpler. With such leagues, you get to pick your favorite players virtually, based on their real-life performances. Just like a general manager, you draft a team based on statistics and make necessary adjustments. There are many platforms providing NBA news regarding players, their performances, off-field activities, injuries, and any other relevant information. These important pieces of information affect a player’s ranking on the fantasy table.

Who can play NBA fantasy league?
Once a team is drafted, you play either with your friends privately or with strangers publicly. You compete daily on the basis of rankings, without a long-term commitment. People from all age groups can participate in NBA DFS optimizer. Gone are the days when only basketball enthusiasts could play. Even the unlikeliest of basketball fans are now in the NBA fantasy league. The daily competition option has disrupted the industry because it allows players to take a closer look at their teams and make appropriate adjustments before the next game. There’s no need to tie up the players for the whole season and you can transfer them if necessary.

How do NBA fantasy rankings change?
The ranking of any player in the NBA fantasy league is derived from a number of factors including points, assists, rebounds, steals, three-pointers, etc. Thus, the feature of daily competition lets you change your lineup after every game. The rankings change every game, with Nikola Jokic being the current top NBA fantasy player. However, if we talk about the most valuable player in the NBA right now, it is LeBron James, who continued his legend by winning the championship last August.

How to pick an NBA fantasy team?
The salary cap for every player is based on their performance. Any player who does well and scores points will have a high salary. Each team has a maximum of 9 positions that you have to fill while staying within that salary cap. With the daily fantasy basketball scoring system, you can keep an eye on the points. Again, it is very easy to switch or transfer any player as the need arises.

Which players to choose in your NBA fantasy team?
With Nikola Jokic, your center position is secured. For point guard (PG), you can opt for Luka Doncic or Russell Westbrook, as both are neck-to-neck and performing well for their respective teams. For shooting guard (SG), you can either go for Bradley Beal or Donovan Mitchell, as they both rank in top positions. Kawhi Leonard can provide you stability at the small forward (SF) position and he is in good form. In order to strengthen your team and achieve maximum points, you need to have a strong power forward (PF). Zion Williamson tops the charts with the highest number of points and is currently the only PF with a salary of $10,000.

If you have these five players on your team, your chances of losing are very slim. Another bonus tip for you is to pick players making a team combo and not base your selection only on numbers. If you have other favorite players, you can pick them for hybrid positions. The NBA fantasy league is definitely huge and lucrative. Millions of people play the league daily and the thrill is unparalleled. It is the most enjoyable and practical way to connect with the game and live the fantasy of owning a team.