Study Sports Analytics

Samford University offers three distinct sports analytics career preparation tracks:
Sports Business Analytics Track (Marketing Focus)
Sports Business Analytics Track (Finance Focus)
Player and Team Performance Analytics Track

2020-2021 NBA Power Rankings Chart

A snapshot of NBA team performances according to their offensive and defensive efficiency. Historical chart archive is available as you can go back to any month in the NBA season.

2020-2021 NBA Rest Days Stats

NBA rest days stats that can’t be found elsewhere! Team performances are rated under various rest days types such as 3rd game in 4th days, back-to-backs, 3+ days rest.

2020-2021 NBA Referee Stats

An NBAstuffer classic, keep track of NBA officiating! Referee stats include; games officiated, total experience, home team point differential, winning percentage, total points scored. Splits available main/crew referee.

2020-2021 NBA Player Stats

NBA player aggregated statistics, all players on one page, exportable to Excel. Available metrics: Usage rate, offensive/defensive rating. versatility rating and much more.

2020-2021 NBA Advanced Team Stats

Tens of thousands rely on our NBA advanced team stats and visualizations every day. Strength of schedule for past games and remaining games. Available splits: Last 5 Games, Home/Away, Post All-Star, Postseason.