Lakers Most Likely Will Win It All

In terms of probability, the Lakers have more chances than the Celtics have. I’m sorry for those of you who are rooting for C’s but, just have a look at history!

The Boston Celtics are 2007-2008 regular season champs with a 66-16 W/L record while Lakers had the third-best record in the league. Could regular season champs win the title in the same season? I have looked at previous 30 years and here’s what I found briefly:


CORRECTION: The Spurs were the 2002-2003 regular season champs although the Mavs had the same regular season record. Since San Antonio won the title in same year, regular season champs could not win the title for four years.

I’m deeply sorry for disinformation. Kudos to my careful readers!


  Regular Season Champions are NOTRegular Season Champions are 
  the Playoffs Championsthe Playoffs Champions 


Last 7 years

6 times

1 time



Last 10 years

6 times

4 times



Last 20 years

12 times

8 times



Last 30 years

18 times

12 times



  • Regular season champs could not win the title for 4 straight years.
  • In last 10 years; Lakers, San Antonio (twice) and Chicago teams have won both of the regular season championship and playoff championships. Probability: 40%
  • In last 20 years, 8 out of 20 regular season champs have done it in post season and won the title with a 40% probability
  • In last 30 years; regular seasons champs are 12-18 (40%) in the postseason when it comes to getting the title


SeasonRegular Season ChampionPlayoffs Champion
2007-08Boston Celtics?
2006-07Dallas MavericksSan Antonio Spurs
2005-06Detroit PistonsMiami Heat
2004-05Phoenix SunsSan Antonio Spurs
2003-04Indiana PacersDetroit Pistons
2002-03*San Antonio Spurs, Dallas MavericksSan Antonio Spurs
2001-02Sacramento KingsLos Angeles Lakers
2000-01San Antonio SpursLos Angeles Lakers
1999-00Los Angeles LakersLos Angeles Lakers
1998-99San Antonio SpursSan Antonio Spurs
1997-98Chicago Bulls, Utah JazzChicago Bulls
1996-97Chicago BullsChicago Bulls
1995-96Chicago BullsChicago Bulls
1994-95San Antonio SpursHouston Rockets
1993-94Seattle SupersonicsHouston Rockets
1992-93Phoenix SunsChicago Bulls
1991-92Chicago BullsChicago Bulls
1990-91Portland TrailblazersChicago Bulls
1989-90Los Angeles LakersDetroit Pistons
1988-89Detroit PistonsDetroit Pistons
1987-88Los Angeles LakersLos Angeles Lakers
1986-87Los Angeles LakersLos Angeles Lakers
1985-86Boston CelticsBoston Celtics
1984-85Boston CelticsLos Angeles Lakers
1983-84Boston CelticsBoston Celtics
1982-83Philadelphia 76ersPhiladelphia 76ers
1981-82Boston CelticsLos Angeles Lakers
1980-81Philadelphia 76ersBoston Celtics
1979-80Boston CelticsLos Angeles Lakers
1978-79Washington BulletsSeattle Supersonics
1977-78Portland TrailblazersWashington Bullets


*: Mavericks and Spurs finished the 2002-2003 regular season with identical records (60-22) but the Spurs had the tiebreaker over Mavs.