The Most Interesting Facts About The Players Of The Best NBA Teams

Discover some interesting facts about NBA’s finest players and why we remain fascinated by their performances and controversies that follow them outside the court.

The quality of the NBA league is getting better every year as today’s NBA players are the best in the history of basketball. Some would argue that the Bulls era was unmatched but it was a different kind of game back then. It was more physical, tougher, and competitive. Players like Jordan or Saqil O’Neal paved the way for legendary players that came after. All these players were skilled on their court but also notorious outside that court. Just remember Denis Rodman’s fashion choices or Alan Iverson’s legal troubles. Even those best among legendary players couldn’t escape controversy. Some love gambling big while others just have interesting life stories and backgrounds. Here are some of them.

Shaquille O’Neil

Big Shaq was always a showman. He made some real money as a player, tv personality, and even an online casino representative. There is only one thing O’Neil was very bad at. That was scoring three-pointers. Although he made more than 20 attempts over the course of his career, he only made one. That happened in 1996 against the Milwaukee Bucks. Shaq certainly made more percentages endorsing casino bonus offers at Wynn Get along with some other casinos online. Despite his bad aiming, he will be remembered as one of the most dominant players ever.

Apart from endorsing online casinos, Shaq has also become a fully-fledged police officer in Florida. We suppose there is nothing cooler than Big Diesel writing you a speeding ticket. He achieved big success thanks to his hard work and dedication inside and outside the court. That is why we love him so much. Shaq is really everywhere, from tv shows to online casinos, and play-off live commentary. He has become a brand, just like the NBA.

Manute Bol

In an array of interesting NBA characters, Manute was one of the most colorful individuals. He was fans’ favorite for his grand stature and friendly demeanor. Many funny stories surround his early life in his native Sudan. He claimed that he paid 80 cows for his wife and killed a lion once in self-defense. As a philanthropist, Bol gave away a big chunk of his earnings to charity causes. He will therefore always be remembered as one of our most beloved players in the league.

Qyntel Woods

When you are a celebrity athlete, you have a certain sense of entitlement. Mr. Woods took this to another level when suddenly stopped one day for traffic violations. Since he had no IDs on him, Woods offered traffic cops his NBA trading card and a signed basketball as proof of his identity. Yes, he was arrested on the spot. He would have more chance of winning a jackpot by playing slots than playing police officers like that. For some reason, NBA celebrities always end up in these kinds of situations. Luckily, Qyntel learned his season and got a proper ID card.

Josh Howard

There are a lot of inspirational stories in the NBA. One of them is about Josh Howard. He wasn’t destined to be an athlete. Born with deformed legs, he went through a series of painful surgeries which involved breaking his leg bones and rearranging them. Most people would not dream about joining the NBA after that, but Josh was driven by his love for the game. He was picked by the Mavericks in 2003 thus fulfilling his lifelong ambition. His gambling paid off big time because he believed in himself when no one else did. After a successful career as a player, he went on to become a coach at Carolina University.

Kobe Bryant

Every legend has its beginning. That iconic 1996 Draft marked the beginning of many prosperous careers, including Kobe’s. He gave us 20 amazing seasons but signing his first contract required some parental advisory. Being underaged meant that his legal guardians had to cosign this deal. So, even a legend like Kobe needed his mom’s permission so he could join the NBA. Although he was very young, he went on and made some real money thus proving that his decision to turn pro was justified.

It is somehow expected for a great player to be a larger-than-life figure. Even the not popular facts about popular players fuel our craving for peeking into their private lives. Celebrity culture leaves little room for their privacy. Since they usually crave attention, it is a win-win situation. We also easily relate with stars who have interesting life stories that make us laugh or empathize. We will never get tired of their lifestyle, brushes with some law enforcement, or their break-ups and relationships. Despite their stellar earnings, they are still humans who bring us joy with their skillful performances. Ultimately, they will be remembered for their legendary games rather than rewards or occasional controversies.