Statistical Sports Models in Excel

What does it take to create a winning sports betting model? Many people are interested in learning how to make smarter sports betting wagers. Not many of those same people are excited at the prospect of learning applied statistics to better inform their choices. You can’t entirely blame them. Statistics has a well-earned reputation for being somewhat inaccessible by non-academics. It is a field filled with heavy terminology, confusing formulaic notation and concepts not fully relevant to the beginning sports bettor. To make matters worse, nobody in possession of a positive edge model is all that keen to show you how it works. As a result of this, sports modeling successfully requires a toolbox that you largely have to assemble for yourself.

This book is my attempt to correct that, as I pull back the curtain on Excel spreadsheet models and techniques I developed in my first few years of sports betting. It is designed to give you an accessible crash course on modeling that will get you up to speed on the key relevant principles of statistics with a minimum amount of heavy technical jargon. You’ll learn the most effective concepts in an easy-to-understand way and greatly speed up your learning curve in the process. Best of all, I’ll walk you through sports betting models for many major sports: NFL, NBA, NHL, AFL, and the English Premier League. You’ll even be able to download these spreadsheet models and work your way through them while following this book. We’ll be doing all of this in one of the most user-friendly programs available: Excel. This program might not be the expert’s first choice of platform for modeling work, but you’ll be surprised just how much you can do with a spreadsheet or two. If you’re ready to take your sports modeling to the next level – open this book, fire up Excel, and let’s get to work.

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