In-Season Stats

Subscribing grants you access to daily exportable updates of in-season team, player box score stats, DFS stats and play-by-play logs throughout the season.
How In-Season Plans Work?
Upon the plan purchase, we email you an unique account creation link in case you haven’t registered at BigDataBall before. Once you complete 30 seconds long signup process, you just sign in to your account to start exporting stats to Excel. As an alternative delivery method, you will want to join our Dropbox shared folder to get the daily files pushed to your computer.

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Get the NBA, NFL and WNBA historical data you need, and build your own data-driven model. Team & player box scores, play-by-play logs, DFS stats and NBA schedules are offered in database friendly format.
Box Score Team Stats
NBA, NFL and WNBA team datasets include game-by-game box score stats and odds & betting data such as opening, closing and halftime spreads and totals.

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Download a Sample Access NFL Team Stats
Box Score Player Stats
NBA and NFL player datasets include game-by-game box score stats, player position, opponent team and home-away game information.

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Download a Sample Access NFL Player Stats
NBA Play-by-Play Stats
Play-by-play game logs and season file in CSV format includes all events plus active five-man units, shot distance, location in X,Y coordinates.

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NBA DFS dataset has game-by-game stats such as minutes, usage rate, salaries, positions, and fantasy points scored for Draftkings, Fanduel, and Yahoo.

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NBA schedule in Excel helps you build, execute your strategy and target games with all necessary information provided.
NBA Regular Season Schedules
NBA league schedule sheet includes 1230 regular season games with dates, times and home/away and rest days information.

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NBA Historical Schedules
Exportable to Excel, historical NBA schedules includes all games played in regular season and playoffs. Game date, game times, game scores, rest days, opponent rest days and total game minutes provided.

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