2010-2011 NBA Schedule Visualization

As you might recall, last season’s infographic has done a pretty good job of visualizing NBA road trips and homestands.

This year, when I started to work on the 2010-11 chart, there were some major setbacks (for both me and the Clippers) to deal with:

  • I had a hard time finding a color set to represent “11 games in a row“. I must admit that this is a heck of NBA scheduling. Whether you count the eleventh game at Staples Center or not, it is going to be very tough stint for L.A. Clippers for sure.
  • Last year, after a conversation we’ve had with a reader, the next year’s chart turned out to be colorblind friendly. So, here it is, as promised. I appreciate any feedback that the chart works fine for color blind people.

Enjoy the chart and feel free to come up with criticism or suggestions!

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NBA Schedule 2010-2011 Visualization