2007-2008 Regular Season Wrap-Up


We had 1230 games in 2007-2008 regular season. A couple of teams were the real outliers. Hey, haven’t you noticed NBDL was fully integrated with the NBA this season? “West side story” was somewhat different, as competition level has gone nuts. Statistical comparison between afternoon and night games has revealed the facts behind the boring matinee games which are originally designed for “family & friends”, not for basketball sport.


The bus has departed too early for some teams as we have had a bunch of meaningless wins and much needed losses. Phoenix Suns’ inferior defense has rolled out welcome mats for opposing frontcourts early in the season. Are you curious about what teams also has welcomed the opponents or defended which positions well?


Players have given up on their sleeping time as they have traveled so much in 5.5 months. They got home sick on their last game of long road trips. Suddenly, the trade madness has begun. Was a motivated Shaq really a dangereous Shaq? Where have the Jason Kidd’s triple doubles gone?


All good things are going to come to an end but NBAstuffer.com is grateful to it’s visitors for the successful season we have had together.