Jul 10 2014
Download NBA 2014-2015 Schedule
Thursday, 10 July 2014

Once the NBA 2014-2015 Regular Season schedule gets released, team-by-team Rest Days Analysis and full league schedule along with all team schedules will be available for download in excel format.

The NBA 2014-2015 Regular Season Schedule is set to get released on TBA

As soon as it's been released, as usual, NBAstuffer will get the schedule analyzed in terms of various rest days and make all schedules available for downloading in excel format.

Jan 10 2014
2013-2014 NBA Schedule Visualization
Friday, 10 January 2014

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I used to make these charts in the past. You can question how timely it is to post it right now but it's a matter of me finding just some extra time. I hope it still makes sense going into the halfway mark of the season. Comments to @nbastuffer are welcomed!

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Aug 02 2013
Download NBA 2013-2014 Schedule
Friday, 02 August 2013

UPDATE: The schedule has been released!
Rest Days Analysis
All schedules available for downloading in excel format.

The NBA 2013-2014 Regular Season Schedule is set to get released on August 6, 2013 at 6 pm.

Once it's been released, as usual, NBAstuffer will get the schedule analyzed in terms of various rest days and make all schedules available for downloading in excel format.

Jul 01 2013
Scoring Contribution Percentage Metric
Monday, 01 July 2013

A long time NBAstuffer reader Damon Smith has studied on a new metric called "Scoring Contribution Percentage", which is derived from True Shooting % and adjusted for extra possessions created by offensive rebounds, steals and blocked shots and for possessions lost from turnovers. Not only predicting the scoring differential, Scoring Contribution % can be applied at evaluating individual offensive efficiency of players.

Jun 10 2013
Does Carmelo Anthony Shoot Too Much?
Monday, 10 June 2013

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This is guest post by Vincent La and Anirudh Jayanti who are undergraduate students at Dartmouth College. They studied on calculating the "skill curve" for players and tried to find out the optimal shot allocation among a certain five-man unit. At the end, for the Knicks' sake, it gives you an idea whether Carmelo Anthony should shoot more or less. Results are interesting!

Jun 05 2013
New Online NBA Data Analytics Program Unveiled
Wednesday, 05 June 2013

The NBA has unveiled a new statistical online service that allows for fans to slice and dice all player and game history for the last 66 years. Going back to the inception of the League, the data covers every play ever made and offers insight into the current stats and analytics as well as those of years gone by. This is a major score for all analytics fans and access to this type of information is almost as good as winning one of the incredible jackpots available at top casino site, AndroidCasino.com.au. SAP has partnered with the NBA official website and launched the stats service to allow fans to instantly analyze and cross reference game data that has been collected from every game since 1947. Generally large data and analytics projects are an exercise in computer science and the results are not available for general consumption, however in this case the NBA analytics online service changes all that.

NBA CIO Michael Gliedman says the project aims to provide fans with access to every box score, advanced shooting charts, in-depth statistical breakdowns identifying clutch, possession, efficiency and team and player comparisons amongst other advanced features. The idea of the service is to offer an immersive online experience that allows fans access to individual and team statistics for every play in NBA history.

Gliedman hopes that the NBA will support as many as 4.5 quadrillion queries from fans, as there are simply so many permutations of each query that can be submitted. The NBA has been looking for an option to provide fans with this data for years, but with the development of the SAP system they are now able to do so.

The analytics service is intended to integrate with fans use of social media whilst they simultaneously watch games. Gliedman firmly believes that fans want to engage in digital conversation and research whilst the game is on and he is capitalising on the dual screen use of many fans. Fans can watch the game on their TV whilst using their mobile to check stats as the service is fully optimised for mobile platforms.

The release of this advanced analytics program shows how huge amounts of data are heading into the mainstream and NBA fans are now able to access the history of the game at the touch of a button.

May 29 2013
Live Betting Adds Excitement to Any Sporting Event
Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Once upon a time, betting on a sports event meant visiting your local bookie and placing a wager in advance of your chosen fixture. Thanks to live betting, you can now visit your favorite online casino and bet while you watch a match live from the comfort of your home.

Quite simply, live betting, or ‘in-play’ betting as it is known at William Hill, adds a different level of excitement to your sports viewing and betting experience. Most online betting sites now have a live section clearly marked on their homepage. Just a click away, you will find a list of sporting events currently taking place alongside matching odds, which fluctuate as the match or race progresses. Whether it’s a football match, tennis or even exciting horse racing markets, you can use your judgement to select the best bets as the action takes place.

What this means is that if you are watching a football match unfold and you believe that an unlikely comeback is on the cards, you can put your money where your mouth is. Just visit live betting online and check out the (probably generous) odds. Whereas you would have previously missed your chance to bet on a fixture once it had begun, live betting offers you an interactive experience adding further excitement to all sports events. Making a live bet is just the same as placing any online wager. All you need do is to fill in the online betting slip, sit back and watch the action unfold.

Jul 27 2012
Download NBA 2012-2013 Schedule
Friday, 27 July 2012

NBA 2012-2013 Schedule has been released on July 26, 2012.

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