Aug 02 2016
Download NBA 2016-2017 Schedule
Tuesday, 02 August 2016

Once the NBA schedule has been released, you can download NBA league schedule and team schedules in exportable to Excel format to build your own analysis.

2016-17 NBA schedule has been released on 11th August, at 5:45 PM. Our NBA schedule analysis is also up.

NBA 2016-17 regular season schedule is on its way. Last season, the schedule came out on on August 12, 2015.

While we need to wait for a little time, check out the team-by-team schedule analysis with sortable rest days (including back-to-back's).
And also don't miss our NBA schedule visualization including team-by-team road trips & homestands analysis

Apr 20 2016
Sportsbook Odds Updates and Preview for Remaining NBA Playoffs
Thursday, 21 April 2016

The NBA Playoffs are now well underway and the best of the best are really starting to separate from the rest of the pack. The one and two seeds in the West have gotten off to excellent starts, while in the East, the two-seed has gotten off to an all-too-familiar snake-bitten start. While most matchups are a little more cut and dry than others, according to our advanced calculations, there is one sleeper still on the board.

First off, we know who won’t surprise and that’s the big three – Golden State, San Antonio and Cleveland. In fact, a review of sportsbooks listed here shows consistency. Odds at the big NBA betting sites hand it over to the West, either to Golden State (-180 odds) or the Spurs (+250) ousting the Cavaliers (+400) to take the title. After those three though, the remaining contenders are a little all over the place.

The Oklahoma City Thunder (+1,500) are no sure bet as they split their first two games with the Mavericks. The Clippers (+2,000) looked strong in their opener beating Portland by 20, although their regular season results against the Blazers show that the series is still wide open. Meanwhile, over in the East, the Raptors (+3,000) lost their opener to Indiana by ten points.

There is one team in the conference though that nobody’s talking about and that’s the Charlotte Hornets. We know it sounds crazy, but hear me out. While the Miami Heat destroyed the Hornets in their series opener by 32-points, they split their season series. Now, while we’re not talking NBA Finals here, the Hornets are (+15,000) and could pay off nicely.

They were one of the hottest teams entering the playoffs going 7-3 in their last ten and winning 26 of their final 35 this season. If they can knock off the Heat, they’ll face either Indiana or Toronto. They had a little bit of trouble with the playoff-plagued Raptors, going 1-2 against them this season. However, they completely blanked the Pacers three games to none. A successful run which included a 22-point victory back in February. So if they can get rid of Miami, they could have a shot at making sportsbooks think twice about the Swarm.

Sadly though, from the look of the odd sets, it’s yet NBA playoff picture that’s basically already set in stone. The NBA rejoiced at the thought of parity and flipping the script of a two, three or four team league over the past few years. From what we’re seeing so far though this year, we can probably expect the usual suspects to continue their 2015 fight for basketball’s Holy Grail.

Nov 13 2015
Extended Road Trips And Homestands Affect Team Performance
Saturday, 14 November 2015

Based upon our expert sports analysis, we predict the Brooklyn Nets schedule to be pretty darn gruesome. Eleven games out of the first 16 away, 18 of the final 26 games to be played not in Brooklyn, and the first 10 games against some of the toughest contenders in the league. Ouch.

Our NBA experts forecast that extended road trips and homestands will negatively affect the teams and their performance, but is this really true? Perhaps it is, however we choose to find some benefit to an otherwise negative schedule for the Brooklyn Nets.

Some Positives In the League’s Longest Road Stretch Schedule

4­in­5 Games – Though the Brooklyn Nets have a tough schedule this season, on the bright side, they have only one 4­in­5 games which fall March 28 through April 1. The Nets will play Orlando, Cleveland, Miami and New York during which games they will rest in their own beds. Only eight of the nation’s teams can say that they have none.

Back-­to-­Back Games – The Brooklyn Nets have only 15 back-­to-­back games. This is five less than they had less season. Though none of these back­-to-­backs are home­-and-­home, there is only two other teams in the nation that have fewer than the Nets.

Homey Middle – Between the road heavy start and finish of the season the Nets can look forward to a softer, homier middle season. Where 26 of the 40 games between November 29. During this time the longest road trip will is three games, which is followed by a comfortable six game homestand.

Stability – The Brooklyn Nets can feel confident in their stable and experienced roster with four of their five starters returning, the presence of two first round picks and the return of their head coach.

Critics, say what you will about Brooklyn’s “roady” schedule and how it may negatively affect their performance; but there is much good to be found in this schedule and how it could positively affect their game.

Nov 06 2015
Which Rookie Signings are the most likely to Succeed?
Saturday, 07 November 2015

Only a handful of rookies manage to make a significant impact every season during their first year, mainly due to the pressure that they face from the media and the hype around them. The expectations build up as people try to project their role in their teams as future prospects.

The 2015 draft has brought us some interesting names. One of them is Frank Kaminsky, the 10th overall pick drafted by the Hornets. Luckily for him the pressure that everybody puts on him to succeed is moderate mainly because he is expected to be the best sixth man in the team, which would be a nice jump start to become one of the more useful players in the NBA.

It’s strange why the Hornets would pass on the opportunity to get higher long-term ceilings, considering Kaminsky is 22 and without much athleticism or strength, but nevertheless he is able to make an immediate difference as he can stretch the floor and knock down threes (the best 3P% in the team: 66.7%), so all in all Kaminsky is very likely to succeed to the best of his capacity.

The 4th overall pick, Kristaps Porzingis, one of the more interesting draft picks of Latvian nationality, was drafted by the Knicks. The pressure on Porzingis is high because much will be expected of him considering Phil Jackson passed on the opportunity to get a more proven option, for example, Willie Cauley-Stein.

However, Porzingis already has plenty of chances to make use of the minutes given to him because the Knicks don’t have much standout options for PF. At the moment he has 11.8 PPG and 8.3 REB, but a very low FG% of just 35.7. Predicting whether this player is going to succeed is a tough call indeed, but everything looks promising.

His fellow rookie colleague Jerian Grant has a more clear likelihood of succeeding in the Knicks team considering the little pressure that he gets as the 19th pick. He can assume a significant rookie role considering the Knicks’ desperate need of a playmaker, and Grant could be one of the keys in the team’s return to the playoffs. Even if he doesn’t succeed, he will not be judged of anything that Porzingis would be.

The biggest pressure is probably put over D’Angelo Russell, the second overall pick selected by the Lakers, which surprised everybody considering they could have picked Okafor. One of the biggest pressure generators for Russell are the expectations for him to step up and assume a leading role in a team where Bryant is at the end of his pro career and very prone to injuries. Most of all, everybody expects of Russell to help the Lakers return into the playoffs.

The biggest danger for his psyche is probably being outplayed by Jordan Clarkson, a 2014 second round pick, which is already happening considering Clarkson is the PPG leader in the team, while Russell is just sixth with 8.5 PPG. If Russell continues so in the next season, the predictions for him will be very grim.

Aug 17 2015
2015-2016 NBA Schedule Visualization
Monday, 17 August 2015

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This season, the NBA has made significant changes to NBA schedule such as reduction of the four-games-in-five-nights and back-to-back games. Here are the impacts of this scheduling adjustments in a big picture:

* Brooklyn, starting its 9 game road trip (longer than any team in the NBA) on February 23, 2016, and not returning to Barclays Center until March 13, 2016.
* San Antonio and LA LAkers are among the teams that will have stretches spanning eight road games. Clippers? They will cover five games at maximum this season.
* Bulls and Warriors have 7 game road trip scheduled during the season.
* Detroit fans will enjoy 9 straight home games between March 16 and April 1.
* Denver and LA Lakers will play an instance of 8-game homestands.
* Seven game homestand stints will include Toronto, Phoenix, New Orleans, Portland, Charlotte and Miami.

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Golden StateWESTPacific76
LA ClippersWESTPacific56
LA LakersWESTPacific88
New OrleansWESTSouthwest57
New YorkEASTAtlantic64
Oklahoma CityWESTNorthwest44
San AntonioWESTSouthwest85
Jul 21 2015
Download NBA 2015-2016 Schedule
Tuesday, 21 July 2015

NBA 2015-2016 schedule came out on August 12, 2015. As usual on NBAstuffer, check out the team-by-team schedule analysis with sortable rest days (including back-to-back's).
And also don't miss our NBA schedule visualization including team-by-team road trips & homestands analysis

Download NBA schedule in excel format to build your own analysis

May 28 2015
Defending LeBron James
Thursday, 28 May 2015

Cleveland will meet Golden State in the 2015 NBA Finals. I didn't just want to take a look at player-by-player match-ups since the only thing gets me excited is who will / can / would like to guard LeBron James?
The Warriors appear to be confident that already have personnel with abilities to stop the King James. Steve Kerr has given Draymond Green 6 more minutes (37 minutes / per game) in the post season than the regular season. So we can see that majority of the task will belong to Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala.

Real Plus-Minus (RPM) predicts you how much better a team played on offense and defense by taking into account teammates, opponents and additional factors.

1) Green is one the best defensive real plus minus (DRPM) players in the league, contributing a positive 5.24 points differential to Warrior's defense.
2) Andre Iguodala has posted positive real plus minus stats. In 2014-15 season, Iguodala's average "point differential impact" to his team is +1.31; his +1.23 of +1.31 comes from defensive possesions and +0.08 net point differential on 100 offensive possesions.

With not including Boston series, in the eastern conference finals and semifinals DeMarre Carroll, Paul Millsap and Jimmy Butler have tried to guard LeBron but Cavs has lost only 2 games combined in the last 10 games.
Let's send these numbers to cells of our brains and watch the most anticipated finals. It will be a great matchup on both ends of the floor that will leave great memories behind.

Oct 28 2014
2014-2015 NBA Schedule Visualization
Tuesday, 28 October 2014

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With the new season begins, NBA 2014-2015 schedule is visualized as a tradition at NBAstuffer. Here's the 2014-2015 schedule in big picture.
Clippers Fans! Despite the 8-game road trip before the all-star, don't forget: Your team has been granted 9 consecutive home games between 25th December and 11th January! In contrary, The Spurs will be missed by the fans in February. After playing with Miami on 6th February, they are not returning until March 4th. That makes 9 consecutive "rodeo road trip" games.

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