Reality Punting

Jason is one of our friends who runs a predictive service, Reality Punting. In this blog post, he wanted to introduce his software.

Reality Punting is Basketball prediction software with a built-in custom algorithm for the NBA and WNBA. Using 16,000 games of data, the Reality Punting software is able to identify the most profitable bets and create strategies with the underlying statistics in the algorithm. The focus of the algorithm is predicting the exact winning margin. As you can see below, the main menu shows game predictions and all handicaps, money line odds, and game totals. The example below is game 4 of the 2017/18 season NBA finals, Golden State Warriors @ Cleveland Cavaliers where the Reality Punting algorithm had an exact winning margin prediction of Golden State by 23 points.

The software also has a filter that can pinpoint finely detailed statistics. Not only do the filters show wins and losses, but it also shows the overall profit and the Profit on Turnover (PoT) percentage. Filters include calculated score, calculated possessions, handicap, and money line odds; there are many underlying statistics in the Reality Punting algorithm, which are automatically calculated together to give the possessions. Betting on teams with the possessions and score advantage together gives high-quality bets.

As you can see in the example above, betting on teams above $5 and predicted to win by 6+ points and between 6 – 10 possessions will profit $5352 at $100 stakes at a 31.30% PoT. You can also pinpoint an exact handicap with any prediction. As predictions get higher, you can take lower odds. You can make predictions of 14+ points and 14+ possessions at $1.80 or higher for a $4,938 profit at $100 stakes at 33.82% PoT, as seen below.

The best thing about the Reality Punting software is it is very simple to use. With all the official Reality Punting strategies, there are 3,730 bets at a Profit on Turnover of 12.4% from 12 seasons of data. All you need to do is download the statistics from BigDataBall and load the software! Predictions come automatically with the ability to filter through the 16,000 games of statistics. For more information and a video demonstration, visit .