Spreadsheet DFS School

Excel is the best DFS tool and you are your own data scientist! You probably do your own research for daily fantasy, so how does learning Excel’s powerful tricks to collect data and even optimize your lineups sound?

NBAstuffer has teamed up with the Spreadsheet DFS School which offers training videos to create your own data-driven Excel files that fit your DFS needs. You can create custom powerful Excel files that can automate collecting data (and save at least 1 hour per day) from the sources you like and optimize your lineups to compete in any sports. There are also many sample Excel files and helper PDF documents to immediately start whatever you want to do.

Once you enroll in the course you get;
+ 6 hours of video (5 to 10 minutes each)
+ 100 pages written documentary for the content of the videos
+ Email Support for any questions you may have.
+ Facebook Group where people who bought this course can interact and discuss research and spreadsheets.
+ All the sample spreadsheets used during the videos
+ BONUS: (Learn the Basics of Excel Video course)+(Game Logs)+(Solver Examples)


Module 1 – Pulling in Web Data (8 VIDEOS)
Module 2 – Finding Trends from Historical Data (10 VIDEOS)
Module 3 – Making your own Projections (6 VIDEOS)
Module 4 – Using Solver for Optimal Lineups (11 VIDEOS)
Module 5 – Using Advanced Excel Features for Greater Stat Analysis (16 VIDEOS)
Module 6 – How to analyze a completed Draftkings Contest (5 VIDEOS)
Module 7 – How to create Bulk Lineups withOUT Solver (20 VIDEOS)