Sports Aptitude – Team Chemistry Builder

Sports Aptitude was a company that has revolutionized the way athletes and teams are being evaluated, coached and managed, by not only measuring the areas of an athlete’s personality that influence performance (intangibles) but also by measuring the interaction between those players, known as “Team Chemistry”.

By understanding the scientific interaction between players’ personalities, Team Chemistry becomes a measurable aspect of the game. Sports Aptitude’s “Team Chemistry Report” captures this data and provides Coaches and/or Front Office Management with the ability to comprehend and improve their team’s chemistry, which in turn, will improve the team’s performance long term via our state-of-the-art means of analyzing the personality and behavior dynamics within a team.

Sports Aptitude, who has 30+ years of clinical psychology experience, does an extensive research with player and team to create the “Critical Core Dynamics” (CCD). The CCDs are the aspects of an athlete’s personality that influence their performance. In total, there are 10 CCD’s categories in which athletes are given ratings. Each of the ten categories is comprised of several measurable components of one’s personality and when measured together they form one of the CCD’s categories. It is these CCD’s ratings that are the foundation for all of our Player and Team Chemistry Reports.