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Download NBA 2015-2016 Schedule

NBA 2015-2016 schedule came out on August 12, 2015. As usual on NBAstuffer, check out the team-by-team schedule analysis with sortable rest days (including back-to-back's).
And also don't miss our NBA schedule visualization including team-by-team road trips & homestands analysis

Download NBA schedule in excel format to build your own analysis

Download NBA 2013-2014 Schedule

UPDATE: The schedule has been released!
Rest Days Analysis
All schedules available for downloading in excel format.

The NBA 2013-2014 Regular Season Schedule is set to get released on August 6, 2013 at 6 pm.

Once it's been released, as usual, NBAstuffer will get the schedule analyzed in terms of various rest days and make all schedules available for downloading in excel format.

Download NBA 2012-2013 Schedule

NBA 2012-2013 Schedule has been released on July 26, 2012.

Notables From the Tentative NBA Schedule

The shortened schedule is finally up. You can download the NBA schedule with each of the 30 team schedules in excel or play with the rest days breakdown.

2011-2012 regular season schedule should finally be available by Tuesday night at 7 p.m. according to Associated Press. NBA will host a schedule release TV program on Dec 6th.
Once it's been out, you can download the NBA 2011-12 schedule in excel format or take a look at team-by-team analysis by the types of rest-days including "back-to-back-to-back" games.

According to New York Times, NBA will open the 2011-12 season on Christmas with a five-game setup with one on TNT, two on ABC and two on ESPN. Earlier, David Stern said that, there will be triple header during the end-of-the-lockout press conference.

*: The last day of 2011-12 NBA regular season will be April 26, 2012.
*: Teams to play "at least one" and "maximum three" "back-to-back-to-back" sets in case games start on Christmas Day.
*: Teams will play 48 conference and 18 nonconference games. This means not every NBA city will be visited.
*: This comes as a surprise for me: Due to the squeezed schedule, back-to-backs games might be played during the second round of the playoffs.

*: NBA 2011-2012 regular season is supposed to start with 3 games on Christmas Day, that were already on the schedule.
*: The rest of the 66 game schedule will be rescheduled and released in the coming days. Check back in later to keep updated!

Assuming that the league will start on November 1, 2011, our annual schedule analysis is up. Hopefully this lockout thing comes to an end!
MIL, IND, HOU, NYK, MIN, LAC playing most back-to-backs (22 times). Fewest back-to-backs: SAC, PHO (16)
*: 20 of 22 games are on the road for New York Knicks. Lakers playing all 18 back to backs games on the road. Fewest back to backs on the road: MIL (8), ATL (9), DET (10)
*: Most opponent B2Bs: Atlanta (28), Fewest opponent B2Bs: MIA (9)
*: Most 4 games in 5 days: DEN, LAC, MIN, CHI, IND (4 times). Fewest 4IN5s: DET, NJN, PHO, HOU, BOS, LAL, POR will play only 1 game.
*: LAC, MIL, UTA (9) are tied for playing with 3 or more days rest. DET, TOR, MEM have 4 games with 3+ days.
*: Houston's opponents will play 12 games with having more than 3 or more days rest. League low, Washington's oppositions only play 1 game in this situation.
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2011-2012 NBA Schedule Release

The shortened schedule will be released on Tuesday (Dec.,6th) around 7 p.m. Check out updates about the schedule. As usual, you can also download NBA schedule in excel format.

Good news is NBA is getting 2011-12 schedule ready on July 19, 2011. Despite the fact that lockout continues, NBA gives away us some of our toys to play with! The rest days analysis of the "draft" schedule will be ready here at NBAstuffer once the NBA schedule has been released.

UPDATE: The schedule has been released today (7/19). The downloadable files from the 2011-12 regular season will be available once the lockout ends and the schedule gets cleared.

Download NBA Box Score Stats in Excel


Check out subscription plans if you need to get daily updated (each update includes season to date data) downloads for team and player stats. Depending on your subscription duration you prefer, you will get access to downloadable excel data sets in your account! Once you sign in to your secure subscriber account, you can view and download the most recent daily update of current season box score team data on every day.

You can also download the current season data sets without subscribing, head over to instant download page!

Team data sets for the past 9 seasons are available.
Download NBA Box Score Data Sets in Excel

Features of the Validated Box Score Team Data Sets:
* Scores: Quarter-by-quarter and final game scores.
* Basic stats: Team totals for field goal attempts, total assists, total rebounds, etc.
* Advanced stats: Game-by-game possession, pace, offensive,defensive efficiency.
* NBA odds: Opening and closing point spreads and O/U lines, line movements, moneyline[1] and halftime odds[2] 
[1]: All data sets have complete opening spreads and point totals. Closing odds, line movements and moneyline of some games between 2006-07/2009-10 are missing due to the unavailability of source. All missing odds accounts for 2.5% of all data.
[2]:Halftime odds are available starting from 2010-2011 season.
* Rest days: Team's own and opponent's days of rest.
* Starting lineups: Position-by-position player match-ups included.
* Box score links: Link to the official box score page at NBA.com for each game.
* Odds links: Link to the odds sheet page at scoresandodds.com for all games played that day.


Player data sets for past 20 seasons are available.
Download NBA Player Box Score Data Sets in Excel

Features of the Validated Box Score Team Data Sets:
It includes, game-by-game record of game date, venue of game (road/home), player's full name, position, own team and opponent team along with all box score metrics assigned to the player.

Play-by-play data sets for the past 11 seasons are available in CSV format. Data set for a season include game-by-game CSV files and a combined season file which is also in CSV format.
Download NBA Play-By-Play Data Sets in Excel
Link to the data source for the sample play by play file.

Features of the Validated Play By Play Data Sets:

Separate CSV files[1] for each play-by-play game log
Combined season CSV file that includes all games played in a season
Active players on the court
Play-id, play length, event time, activity type (substitution, shot, free throw, turnover, offensive fouls committed & drawn, rebound, assist, jump ball etc.) with descriptions provided
Shot distance[2]
Shot location in x,y coordinates
[1]: Parsed game logs in CSV format are grouped in ZIP files by the seasons. Each game log has been named with details, such as; game date, game id at NBA.com, road team initial and home team initial (Example: [2013-10-29]-0021300001-ORL @ IND.csv)
[2]: For some seasons, there are missing games which have no play-by-play data provided. Also, in the official game logs, there are rare instances of undetermined shots where location and distance are unknown. Find out our log file for missing games/shots.

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