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NBA Teams That Have Analytics Department

Last updated: April 23, 2017

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The list includes the NBA teams using advanced stats by either employing basketball analytics professionals or working with statistical consultants.The NBA itself also hires professionals; Evan Wasch who is the Senior Vice President of Basketball Strategy & Analytics and Jason Rosenfeld serving as the director of analytics.
When using analytics, each team might put different emphasis on player development, game-planning (including in-game decision making) physical training and roster construction.

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Neural Networks

Neural networks are one of the machine learning systems in sports. By the help of neural networks, datasets are learned by the system and hidden trends can be revealed for creating a competitive edge.

Simulations and machine learning systems means a lot for sports analytics. The ability to apply statistics and rigorous mathematical models to provide instantaneous results is quickly becoming an invaluable commodity. Systems of this type vary from simulations that model an entire upcoming seasonís worth of data to identify the best chance of winning, to simulations that identify weaknesses in motion and offer advice for correcting them.

Other than statistical predictive algorithms, neural networks can be used as sports betting and fantasy league tools in following ways;
* [STAT MINING ]: Locate common characteristics in large amounts of data,
* [ODDS SETTING]: Predict probability of an outcome,
* [MOMENTUM MENTALITY]: Forecast trends based on previous data,
* [SIMILAR PLAYERS]: Group potential assets or players based on similarities.

Other machine learning techniques include;
* genetic algorithm,
* the ID3 decision tree algorithm,
* a regression-based variant of the Support Vector Machine (SVM) classifier, called Support Vector Regression (SVR).

New England Statistics Symposium NESSIS

NESSIS is an event in which statisticians from all over the world come together and present academical studies. NBA and other sports analytics community has been benefiting from NESSIS that many studies on statistics regarding professional sports are being introduced first time at NESSIS just like MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.

The first New England Statistics Symposium was held at the University of Connecticut, which traditionally hosts the Symposium on alternate years. Now, The Department of Statistics of Harvard University hosts the New England Statistics Symposium.


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