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Usage Percentage

Usage percentage is an estimate of the percentage of team plays used by a player while he was on the floor.

Usage Percentage Formula=100*[(Team Minutes)/(5*(Player Minutes))]*[(Field Goal Attempts)+0.44*(Free Throw Attempts)+(Turnovers)/[(Team Field Goal Attempts)+0.44*(Team Free Throw Attempts)+Team Turnovers)]

By balancing usage rates and the varying offensive ratings of the five players on the court, a team can achieve optimal offensive output for the personnel.

Comments: The stats show that, for all players, as the player uses more possessions, his efficiency decreases. What defines a superstar, in Dean Oliver's statistical analysis, is that he can shoulder a larger proportion of a team's possessions with only a relatively small drop in efficiency. Meanwhile, the opposite is also true: players perform more efficiently when they are asked to use fewer of their team's possessions. As a result, the greater burden on the superstar means that supporting players maintain low usage rates, allowing them to operate closer to their peak efficiency.

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