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NBA Efficiency

A linear and basic metric which indicates players' efficiency.

NBA Efficiency Formula = (Points)+(Rebounds)+(Steals)+(Assists)+(Blocked Shots)-(Turnovers)-(Missed Shots)

Comments: NBA Efficiency does a nice job of explaining free agent salary. NBA Efficiency tells us about perceptions of performance. It just has some problems if our objective is to measure the impact a player has on wins. Plus-Minus Plus-Minus is a plus/minus tool to find out best player combinations. It looks at the point differential when players are both in and out of the game, to see how the team performs with various combinations.

A variety of combinations including the best two player, three player and even five player combinations for each game can be provided with this tool.

Net Plus-Minus
Author: Roland Beech

Net plus-minus, a.k.a. unadjusted plus-minus, is invented by Roland Beech and measure the plus-minus statistics for a given player when the player is in the game relative to the plus-minus statistics when the player is NOT in the game. Net plus-minus combines offensive and defensive plus-minus.

For example, if a team scores 115 points (per 100 possessions) while a given player is on the court and 98 points (per 100 possessions) while he is off the court, his net offensive plus-minus is +17 (115-98=17).
If the team allows 110 points (per 100 possessions) while given player is on the court and 105 points (per 100 possessions) while he is off the court, his net defensive plus-minus is +5 (110-105=+5).
So, net plus-minus for the given player is +17-(+5)=+12

Comments: Itís better to have a positive net offensive plus-minus and a negative net defensive plus-minus.
Find out the top players sorted by 2010-11 net plus-minus ratings.
Net Points
Author: Dean Oliver

Net Points is one way to burn indivudual Offensive and Defensive ratings into one metric.

Net Points=(Points Produced)-(Points Allowed)
Where "Points Allowed" can be calculated by using the following formula:
Points Allowed=[(DefensiveRating/100)*(.2*{(MinutesPlayed/(TeamMinutes/5)}*TeamPossession))]

Non-Scoring Player Possessions

A player's non-scoring possessions would be his missed field goals, plus free throws that weren't rebounded by his team, plus his turnovers.

Non-Scoring Possessions Formula=(Player's Field Goal Attempts)-Player's Field Goal Made)+0.4*(Free Throw Attempts)+(Player's Turnovers)


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