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Mike Zarren

Michael Zarren is the Celtics’ Assistant Executive Director of Basketball Operations and Associate Counsel.  Mike is widely recognized as one of the leaders in the field of advanced statistical analysis of basketball players and teams, and is an important part of the team’s player personnel evaluation and strategic planning processes.

There are two channels through which Zarren can help the Celtics. The first is by assessing potential deals and draft picks, which means bouncing information off of Ainge. The second channel is strategic advice, which means going to Coach Doc Rivers, whom Ainge says is “skeptically receptive” to Zarren’s insights.

Mike is also the team’s salary cap and legal expert and is responsible for the development of new technologies for team use, including the team’s best-in-class statistical database and video archive/delivery system.

Mike was previously a management consultant, during which time he performed econometric and other quantitative analyses for Fortune 500 firms across a wide variety of industries.

Comments: Danny Ainge, calls Mike Zarren his "secret weapon", Garnett calls him Numbers, the Celtics Dancers call him Stats and Paul Pierce, calls him M.I.T. even though Zarren never went there.

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